Even the passionate animal lovers in the world make sure they are well protected before getting close to one. However, some experiences are just unexpected and shocking, and it chooses no particular time of the day.

A grandma, along with her grandson, went out on a day trip together which, in the end, will make a lasting impact on them, Daily Star reports.

The elderly woman was captured with a smartphone walking past a beautiful blue aquarium hoping to see some fish.

To her surprise, a huge humpback whale cruises past her and she gazes in amazement at the majestic mammal. Afterwards, it swims away, leaving an empty tank and the grandma had nothing to see.

Her cheeky grandchild persuades her into tapping on the glass window to attract another aquatic sight. Tuko narrates that the grandma eagerly reached out and touched the tank many times, and her last approach resulted in a huge, terrifying looking great white shark heading straight towards her and smashing headfirst into the glass.

Unaware that is was pre-recorded, the frightened woman throws herself to the floor for protection.

Instead of helping, the children just laughed. It turned out that the shark was a fake CG creation and what looked like a tank was really just a computer screen.

The grandchildren pranked her into thinking that she was about to be attacked by the ocean beast.

The video, which was shot at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., has already 172,900 hits and viewers were also tricked just like the grandma.

In fact, a YouTube user said: "That scared me too!"

Another wrote: "That's horrible. I'd totally freak out."

A third added: "My heart is pounding. Very scared by that."