Remember the movie "The Bride Wars" that starred Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson? They are best friends in the movie and having the time of their life. They were in love, engaged and determined to pursue their childhood dream to wed in New York's famed Plaza Hotel. The best place for them to walk down the aisle while their dashing groom is waiting for them at the altar. But then, here comes the clincher, they were set on the same date. That's how the story rumbled. Their wedding day is different from yours, so you better plan really well so you do not have to suffer of having the second choice.

There are lot of things to consider in planning that momentous event. The place, souvenir, the entourage, foods and above all, the budget. Budget is the start of your planning journey, actually. You do not want to be bankrupt after the wedding, right? Here are some of the keys to achieve that economical but elegant wedding. No one will notice if you're tightening your wallet, as long as it looks crisp and tasteful.

Wedding and honeymoon combined. Destination weddings are out of town event too not just for the couple but for the rest of the visitors. Take advantage of the hotel accommodations after your big day. It will be a great blessing if your baby is made where you said "I do." Just like in Boracay, Philippines, a lot of wedding receptions are available. The white sand, clear blue water and tropical feel of the island is a great way to spend your first day as married couple enjoying the sophisticated beachfront resort like Discovery Shores Boracay.

Natural Background. Drop the fancy chandelier, pricey decorations and focus on nature's beauty. Be minimalist for a time. This will not only save you thousand bucks but will also give your visitors a chance to enjoy the works of nature sans the artificial decors. Try getting married in the beautiful forest, Tree House Point in Fall City, Washington offers rustic wedding venue. The woodlands will definitely make you feel like Bella and Edward of "Twilight."

Skip the Same Day Edit Video. Most people nowadays have social media accounts where they can view your wedding video. If you're not in a hurry, you might want to strikethrough this in your to-do-list and add your budget to other more important elements of wedding, like upgrading food package. Maldives offers a vast number of wedding packages, the pristine beach is just so perfect that is inviting everyone to take a dive and be merry or be married.

Cakes Can Be Not Cake. Cakes are for decorations, not everyone is taking a slice and it is also not being served. Instead of fancy cakes, you can change it to other foods that both of you really want, make it personal and unique like cupcake towers, crepe cake, ice cream or tiered display of macaroons.

Limited Visitors. Most destination weddings are only witnessed by few people, mostly relatives and closest friends. Trimming down your list will give you more savings and a chance to mingle with them personally during the party.