There are one too many reasons why the capital city of the United States, Washington, DC, is a must-travel this 2017 or any year for that matter. Not only is it the center of culture and arts in America but you also get to experience the tranquil of nature's bliss. The best time of the year they say to visit is in March or April just in time for the National Cherry Blossoms Festival when the cherry blossoms are said to be in full bloom.

Why spend too much when you there are variety of free things to do in Washington, DC that which you got to discover when you tour around the city. While the city is synonymous to lavish and pompous, there are free things that you can do in Washington, DC or at almost zero expense. Here are some free activities that you can do and places to visit while you're there:

The Tidal Basin. Fall in love with this serene backdrop, a 2-mile long pond, that boasts of cherry blossom trees which attracts many visitors especially in Spring. It's where you get to admire and relax amidst the bosom of nature or maybe drop that wedding proposal in sync with the cotton candy fluffs of the cherry blossom trees.

You can tour the place in paddle boats or you can visit the memorials which can be found right at The Tidal Basin shores such as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Take advantage too of the free exhibit "Light and Liberty" at The Jefferson Memorial.

The White House. Being the center of US politics, Washington DC is also home to The White House which you can tour for free. You also get to see the Washington Monument, which towers at 555 feet and 5 inches, and as such is considered the tallest structure in the world.

You shouldn't miss a self-guided tour in the White House especially if it's your first time to visit Washington, DC. Make sure to book 21 days in advance with the office of your senator or the House representative if you wish to tour this popular US homestead.

Free Show at Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage. Enjoy grand entertainment for free with daily performances at the Kennedy Center that showcases poety reading, chorales, opera, and comedy shows; among others. There is no need for reservations or tickets to get in these shows.

From celebrating the 4th of July at the capital city of the United States or taking the popular Segway Tour, there is more to Washington, DC to discover that leave tourists dazzled and stunned with the emotional and cultural impact of the sights and experience that the city has to offer - all for free.