Berlin is home to many cultural flairs of Germany like art galleries, museums, and opera houses. Having the Nikolai Quarter, Gendarmenmarkt and Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's no wonder many people, especially artists, writers, and photographers fell in love with the place.

But there's one photographer who fell in love not only with her sceneries but with one man who turned out to be a sociopath in Berlin. Clare, a photojournalist in Germany, met a charming man named Andi and had that romantic click between them that ended up with a one-nightstand. Sounds familiar? It's a film by Cate Shortland based on a novel of the same name by Melanie Joosten - the "Berlin Syndrome."

Of course, after their one night stand, Andi locked his apartment with the intention of never letting Clare go. That's what most travelers are scared of, right? Especially when they want to hang out with someone, they didn't know and ended up sleeping with them. Eventually, Clare made that mistake and has her consequences lash out when Andi abused her.

The film just came out this Sundance Film Festival on January 20, and viewers and critics alike praised the film for its ingenuity. Even Rotten Tomatoes gave a freshening 93 percent on its ratings, which made everybody crave to see the movie even more despite the chilling reality of traveling!

According to Slash Film, "Be careful who you trust" seems to be the overarching theme of Berlin Syndrome. If you're traveling alone, it would really get into to you to talk and trust some locals to take you where you are.

Australians will have an early viewing of the film on April 20, while it will hit major theaters on May 26. The Berlin Syndrome stars Teresa Palmer of Warm Bodies and Lights Out, and Max Riemelt of the television series Sense8.