Mother Russia published its travel etiquettes for its citizens, but the guidelines had been making rounds on the web. Russia's Foreign Ministry released the list of do's and don'ts when Russians are traveling around the world.

More than 60 countries were placed on the lists where Russians have to observe each customs and etiquettes of every nation. Compiled here are as follows:

India. Sitting with legs crossed during a conversation is a sign of disrespect. Also, according to Conde Nast Traveller, while communicating, Indians often shake their head from side to side, which should be seen as a gesture of approval and satisfaction. After receiving a garland, it is desirable to thank the hosts and remove the wreath after some time. This suggests modesty.

Kenya. Russians should not compare Kenyan with a monkey. They would suffer "severe reactions" from doing so. Poking a finger at a Kenyan national would prove to be insulting and may trigger "aggression."

Netherlands. It's rude to stop a conversation just to take a phone call. Also, try avoiding topics like the Dutch royal family, or anything national or political in nature. Notably, tardiness is actually an offense in the country.

Mexico. Being sad is not welcome in the country, reported by The Daily Mail UK. Russians should instead smile and be courteous because that's the natural environment of the area. Once there, Russians should avoid doing wild hand gestures because it may provoke the locals.

Canada. The country sees gender equality to be important, and therefore, Russians should avoid making sexist jokes and hate crimes while in the country. But more importantly, they should never compare Canada to America.

Thailand. Russians are told never to touch the head of a Thai, point or poke him. They shouldn't raise their voice to the locals as it may deem to be an insult.