Is the world ever safe for women out there to travel alone? We've heard of unfortunate incidents that happened to our ladies when they go alone. Why is traveling for women different from the men? We might not get to answer that, but here are five countries that are relatively safe for girls who want to do some solo traveling.

Singapore. The most expensive country in the world happens to be the one with the lowest rate in crime index and malice toward women. According to Tripoto, about 98 percent of their readers feel safe when traveling to the lion country. In fact, Travelers Today can say that people in the country there are eager to help you out. From medics to law enforcement officers, to librarians and café baristas, they would offer help when a woman is in danger. True story.

Netherlands. The country held its rules and laws on the ground that its citizens follow them indeed. Now, the state is closing about six to eight jails because of the low crime rate in the nation. The Dutch has been keen on keeping their eyes on any offenses that people are either too scared in doing them or stopped doing them because it's not the thing to do anymore. By 2021, Netherlands have predicted that 3,000 jails and 300 youth detention facilities would become quite unnecessary, per Fast Company.

Ireland. Women have voiced out that the Irish welcome them with a comfortable vibe. Even the pubs are safe, easy and relaxing for ladies who would want a drink or two. The country suggests on having a trip to the glen or hills to feel cozy with the nation's warm, inviting manner.

Denmark. The Danish nation is one of the safest places in the world for women who wanted to go solo traveling. The country upholds gender equality and doesn't tolerate harassment and discrimination. So, women travelers can get to savor the nightlife, shopping, and wandering around the city with little worries, reported by Trek Effect.

Georgia. One can never say there's no crime but only lower crime rates. Georgia might have those petty misconducts, but many women reported that it's safe while walking down the streets of the country never feeling doubtful or unsafe. About 90 percent of Tripoto readers have confirmed this statement.