The California Honey Festival is back again in Historic Downtown Woodland on May 6 to celebrate bees, beekeeping and all things honeyed in this day-long affair. People can expect more honey-based treats, Bee Clubs, suppliers, artists, musicians and mead drinks with bars and local breweries from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Author Marie Simmons, who have written over 20 cookbooks will grace the event and showcase about 40 honey varietals in her groundbreaking book, "Taste of Honey." Her book contains 60 recipes with easy instructions and great visual aids to educate readers of the gradations of honey flavor. The author will also stage a workshop on how to cook with honey.

Moreover, people will expect National Honey Board CEO, Margaret Lombard to give her address on the current honey industry of the economy. "It's a tremendous opportunity to celebrate our industry and communicate how important honey and honey bees are to our food system," she said in a press statement to Travelers Today. Lombard will speak on how to effectively market the sweet substance and teach the public all about honey.

A central theme of this year's celebration will be focused on mead with its 'Mead Speakeasy' event to be announced soon. Mead, being the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, has been growing popular in the U.S. with a whopping 130 percent growth in demand and sale. Revelers will get to learn about the bee-booze and get to taste a sample and buy drinks during the festival.

For a more child-friendly celebration, the California Honey Festival has integrated hands-on learning experience with Planet Bee. "We're so excited to have Planet Bee joining us at the California Honey Festival this year!" says festival program coordinator Kristy Levings. "The festival is chock full of great hands-on activities and fun for all ages. Planet Bee will do a great job of helping kids learn about how important bees are to humans."

Entrance to the honey festival is free and offers five stages of entertainment which include food, art, music, carnival rides, drinks and more. For additional information, one may contact the