Sweden sees the possibility of being the next country to leave the European Union (EU) after Democrat party Peter Lundgren considered Article 50, which triggered Brexit, an inspiration to start "Swexit," the Swedes way of exiting the EU like Britain. A startling 39 percent of the population were unsatisfied and wanted the country out of EU, according to a report by Fox News.

Lundgren said that the anti-EU population is growing more rampant and could predict an exit within a few years' time. If the Democratic Party wins the general election next year, they will move on discussing the country's membership and trade agreements with the Union and hold a public vote.

Swedish polls will happen initially on September 9, 2018, but the current political environment clearly suggests that the Democrats will be the largest party when general elections come after Lungren told Express UK that 27 percent of the citizens, and growing, are supporting the call of Swexit.

Lundgren continued saying that Britain leaving the EU was a "breath of fresh air." He added, "The British people have shown the rest of Europe it's possible to leave." Taken from their national poll, the Sweden Democrats have been a popular electoral party since February and might even win seats as a government coalition.

Meanwhile, Germany has also noted that five more countries will exit EU and are planning to hold future referendums. France will discuss the probability of "Frexit" next year if candidate Marine Le Pen wins the presidential seat. Other countries predicted to leave EU are Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, and Finland.

Last week, Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, has given the official notice that the UK will leave the Union and has invoked Article 50 to the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk. The date set for the formal exit is slated on March 29, 2019.