Texas will celebrate its annual Addison Kaboom Town! one of the country's most lauded and unique celebrations in America at Circle Park on July 3 taking place at 4 PM 'til midnight for the revelries. The show can be seen anywhere in more than 180 restaurants and 23 hotels, but the festivities will mainly happen at the Circle Park.

The park opens at 4 PM, and many people will hurdle at the grounds looking for the best spot to lounge and view the performances. At the start of 5 PM, there will be live entertainment on the Budweiser stage with games and galore for people to enjoy.

An array of food and beverage will be served in the venue with regular and special concessions of hotdogs, barbecue, hamburgers, fries, pizzas, cotton candy, ice cream, sodas and more. Of course, people are also encouraged to bring their home snacks with them at the park, but the event organizers will turn down outside alcoholic drinks at the venue. But visitors wouldn't be all too worried because Kaboom Town as beers and wine inside though cooler sizes are limited.

At 7:15 PM the Addison Airport Show will commence, and spectators can enjoy an evening of skydiving feats, aerobatic stunts, and mini fireworks shows. By 9:30 PM, the annual 30-minute fireworks will commence as well as the simulcast of 100.3 JACK-FM. The end of the fireworks show is the beginning of Emerald City performing on the Budweiser Stage until midnight.

Half a million or more guests are expected to visit the celebration this year. Therefore, interested revelers should come early as the park's capacity is only limited. On top of that, the event is free with no purchase of tickets required, driving more locals and travelers alike to join the event.

If you want to avoid the jam-packed crowds, you can stay at any hotel within the area and enjoy the establishment's own party or event for Addison Kaboom Town! For more inquiries, one can find information about the event here.