What's travel without a little music? It can save you from the incessant ramblings of your seat neighbor or nosy people wanting to disturb your rest. Also, it can boost your travel mood in case you want to savor your surroundings with music pertinent to the scenery.

How to listen to the best music there is? Use headphones, of course. Here we have the five best headphones for your hassle free travels.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature. These classy-looking headphones are perfect for your historical or cultural tour of an old city. The transducers are shaped accordingly similar to people's ears so that it can fit well and let the music ooze in. They're highly pricey, but the material it was made of is worth the cost. This high-end headphone has a response of up to 30khz. Pretty awesome to blast some classical music if you want to venture museums and ancient cities.

Sony MDR-ZX770BN. If you want wireless beats, go ahead. This Bluetooth headphone is a total noise cancellation device for a good buck of money. Pesky seat neighbors or dorm mates? Just slip on the headphone, and you'll be okay. Look, no wires or tangles! The foams of transducers are actually quite comfy.

AKG Q701. These headphones give good music beats but are best when you're inside an establishment with little noise. Its open-back design proves to be a disadvantage when you're outside traveling with tons of people making noise. Here's a tip: use AKG when you're out camping, in a museum, art gallery or library. Overall, the headphone is quality made, comfortably snug in your ears and blasts great quality sounds. Even Trusted Reviews sites gave thumbs up.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro. Pump up the bass because Plantronics BackBeat Pro does push up the amps. It's one those headphones you want that follow the trend. It has a good noise-cancellation quality which makes it ideal for going out during your day tours. According to CNET, it "pushes the music to the background and amplifies environmental sounds."

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. Awesomeness. It's a foldable headphone, making it easier for you to carry on your pockets. It's also a great Bluetooth headphone which produces high-quality sounds. And it plays quite louder. It has larger ear cups, but reviews rave that they're snugly in your ears. Battery life of this wireless headset is good for a full day.