July 15, 2024 8:54 PM

Articles by Glory Moralidad

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    Paris Underground Bar Serves 1,000 Kinds Of Whiskey

    Wine and champagne have always been on the top lists of any French menu and tourists' lists of must-haves with its gamut of drinking hours running from breakfast to evening. However, one Paris underground bar wants to add whiskey to every traveler's list by setting up a pub underneath the city serving 1,000 kinds of whiskey drinks.

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    Proposal For War Office Becoming A Five-star Hotel Draws Ire And Resentment Among The Public

    The Grade II War Office Building at London's Whitehall will be turned into a £1 billion five-star hotel, and the people are not pleased with the idea of the developers 'mutilating' the Edwardian edifice. The Hinduja Group and OHL Developments would like another basement, three more floors, 1,100 rooms and a couple of amenities like spa, gym, and restaurants much to the dismay of Londoners.

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    Bulletproof Wall To Be Built Around The Eiffel Tower

    To protect iconic landmarks in Paris after a series of terrorist attacks, the city has granted $22 million to build a bulletproof wall surrounding the famed Eiffel Tower, one of the country's top tourist destinations. The structure alone will also undergo a series of development within 15 years to further improve security with a budget of $320 million.

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    Latest Archaeology Digs In Turkey Finds 12,000 Years Of Anatolian Food Culture

    Archaeological missions in the old city of Tlos in Turkey have led scientists and historians to the information they needed regarding the food culture of Anatolians dating 12,000 years ago. The excavations found jars and cookers with animal meat like deer, rabbit and wild boar, but the ancient people favored agricultural products only years later on.

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    Sleep At The World’s First Astrology Hotel In Australia

    Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you nodded or shook your head to that question, thank your lucky stars if they led you to The Ultimo Hotel, the world's first astrology hotel in Australia. The place does not only offer a good night's sleep, but it also curates your tours according to your Zodiac Sign.

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    Denmark ‘Step And Brick’ Residential Building Turns Heads

    Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city, will be building a residential and commercial project, called Nicolinehus, that has a beautiful 'step and brick, staggered design' featuring large balconies and green plants growing by the buildings.

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    What Will You Look Like If You’re A Statue? Quebec Museum Will Tell You

    Will you look like Caesar or Venus? This is the question posed by the Quebec Musée de la Civilisation as it invites people around the globe to submit their photos for a chance to be curated alongside other 60 sculptures for their exhibition called My 2000-Year-Old Double.

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    Comet, Snow Moon, And Eclipse Collide On Friday Night

    Look up at the sky tonight, and you'll see three phenomena happening at the same time: a comet, Snow Moon, and lunar eclipse will show up starting tonight until tomorrow morning. People can watch starting from 7 PM to 8 PM Eastern Time or while Westerners can enjoy the three-peat show at 12:45 AM Friday.

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    Wild Bison Reintroduced To Banff National Park After 100 Years

    About 16 wild bison were reintroduced last week to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada's oldest national park, after more than a century of poaching and hunting that almost drove them to extinction. Park official considered the initiative successful as the animals are adapting well to their new environment.

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    Discovery Leads A Step Closer To Uncovering The Dead Sea Scrolls

    After 60 years of discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls, an archaeology mission has found what is believed to be the 12th cave containing secrets to the scrolls. However, looters have gone first and took the scrolls, leaving only storage jars, cloth and leather wraps for archaeologists and historians to find.

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    Drive-In Theater Gets A Comeback In Nashville After 60 Years

    Drive-ins were considered a hit during the 50's and 60's until modern television, and live streaming pushed the popularity away. Now, Nashville, Tennessee will be bringing the iconic entertainment night drives back to their city as an indoor drive-in movie theater to be called as the August Moon Drive-In.

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    Discovered Geoglyphs In Amazon Could Date 2,000 Years Ago

    Archaeologists discovered 450 earthworks in the Amazon, which has the same distinctions in Stonehenge, after flying a drone in an attempt to survey their surroundings. Known as 'geoglyphs,' these great markings on the ground have scientists guessed that it could date about 2,000 years ago.

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    Burgers Look Like Legos In Lego-Themed Restaurant Philippines

    We've heard of a LEGO museum and an official LEGO Professor at Play, now, the Philippines has added a feat of having a LEGO-inspired burger at Brick Burger that opened last year. Burger buns are prepared like the popular toy and vary in colors that include a selection of cheesy mac or a nacho Tuesday specialty.

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    Every Time It Rains In London, This Brewery Would Serve Free Beer

    A certain London Brewery would hand out free beer every time it rains and if people would live Tweet it pouring down for proof. Fullers Brewery just wants everybody to tweet @London_Pride to get a nice pint of drink at their place.

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    Italy’s Vagli di Sotto To Build A Statue Of Trump

    Italy's Vagli di Sotto in the Tuscan hills is willing to spend $85,000 on crafting a statue of Donald Trump to bring in more tourists to the mountains. The marbled-Trump figure will be erected in the Park of Honor and Dishonor together with other famous marbled personalities.

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