Do you believe in horoscopes? Whether you nodded or shook your head to that question, thank your lucky stars if they led you to The Ultimo Hotel, the world's first astrology hotel in Australia. The place does not only offer a good night's sleep--it also curates your tours according to your Zodiac sign.

In partnership with Australia's professional astrologer, Damian Rocks, the hotel boasts of city guides well planned according to your stars. For example, an Aquarian, whose dominant traits are being free and independent, intelligent and curious as well as creative and innovative, would probably like to chow down at The Lord Wolseley, an old pub known for its juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Moreover, as creative individuals, the hotel has curated for them to visit the White Rabbit Gallery where a collection and exhibition of art would probably excite them. Likewise, a Pisces, being compassionate and sympathetic, would eat at the Flying Fish, an Asian-inspired seafood set within an industrial space with water views.

Because of their empathetic traits, Pisces would enjoy some alone time with the animals at Taronga Zoo. Meanwhile, an active and quick Gemini would like a 1920's boiler room inspired café that boasts of a custom interior and distinguished chefs.

The Ultimo Hotel invites these Twinnies to "Cure your curiosity and take a Captain Cook cruise around Sydney Harbour." As there are 12 zodiacs, the team behind the initiative has tailored experiences travelers can choose from or have them customize with astrology experts.

Additionally, if you want to take your dog, Fido, with you, the hotel staff will gladly care for them. The animal-friendly hotel has courtyard rooms that welcome cats and dogs alike.

The Ultimo Hotel is ideally located in Chinatown, where astrology centers and tea readings populate the area. Guests at the hotel can also have their astrology readings personalized too. For more information regarding the hotel, one can contact them here.