The Environmental Protection Victoria Australia has warned residents of swimming in 36 beaches in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne as the waters and shores are contaminated with human poop. The said fecal matters have residents worrying since last month as heavy storms brought human dirt along in their favorite beach spots.

EPA Victoria took to Twitter to say all 36 beaches are down and rated poor due to stormwater pollution. In an interview with The Age, EPA group manager Dr. Anthony Boxshall said the situation could last up to two months after rained poured heavily on Sunday.

"The bay is like a shallow tub, and all the catchments drain into it," Boxshall said. "The water stays in the bay for quite some time just because it's got that little entrance, so there's not much exchange." Moreover, he said that guests at the beach are at risk in being inflicted with gastro issues and infections.

"It's gastro that we're worried about and infections. If someone had an open wound on their hand, you can get pathogens," he said. "For people who are fit and healthy, it's not such a big thing, but for some people like kids, older people who are more frail, pregnant women, people who for whatever reason their immune system might be more sensitive, gastro can be more serious, so we issue these alerts."

The weather will be monitored closely and as to whether the beach will be safe to swim again by the public. Boxshall added that he wouldn't be too surprised if the instances could last up for days; however, these issues usually are cleared after 24 to 48 hours.

On Jan.2, only 21 beaches were contaminated, unlike the recent washed up of human poo. "We have indicators we look for (in water tests), which is an indicator of fecal contamination, which is a really nice way of saying poo," reports. "It's bird poo, it's horse poo, it's cow poo, and it's people poo."