April 17, 2024 8:32 PM

Australian government

Avoid These 36 Beaches In Australia; Fecal Matter Dominates The Shores

The Environmental Protection Victoria Australia has warned residents of swimming in 36 beaches in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne as the waters and shores are contaminated with human poo. The said fecal matters have residents worrying since last month as heavy storms brought human dirt along in their favorite beach spots.


Australia To Replace Passports With Facial Recognition, Fingerprints By 2020

Three years from now, Australia won't be checking your passport to know who you are. They would rather rely on machines and technology to answer for your identity whether you land through air or sea.


Indigenous Artists Are Not Happy That Australia Is Selling Fake Aboriginal Souvenirs

Australia's indigenous community puts on a long, sad face on the government when it failed to promote genuine Aboriginal products to tourists. Travelers often buy these keepsakes believing the sellers to be offering authentic Aboriginal products, but it's often the other way around.


Australia Raises Tax For Working Tourists This 2017: Here's What You Need To Know

The new changes in tax rates seem to have discouraged backpackers to continue working in the country during their holiday stay.


Australia Official Word Of The Year 2016 Is ‘Democracy Sausage’; Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘Shoey’ Loses Out

Australia doesn’t only boast of its rich natural resources, Aussies also have rich vocabulary words. You might want to take a bite of their delicious words.


Australian Government Executes Lower ‘Backpacker Tax’; Coalition Eyeing To Drop Rate To 15 Percent

A proposed new "backpacker tax" which is lower than the government's original plan for a 32.5 percent rate will help to increase number of visitors in the country.


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