Australia is a country that is known because of its natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Fraser Island, breathtaking beaches, rainforests and famous architectural buildings such as the Sydney Opera House. Great number of tourists come to visit and explore this welcoming place. Neighboring countries might know this place as a dream vacation destination, but did you know that it offers a lot of delicious "foods" too? The country doesn't only boast of its unique environment, Aussies also have rich vocabulary terms. You might want to take a bite of their "democracy sausage."

The Word of the Year 2016 is "Democracy Sausage." The delicious term is defined by the Australian National Dictionary Centre as a barbecued sausage served on bread and bought at a polling booth sausage sizzle on election day. Citizens voted on July 2 this year. The hashtag #democracysausage trended on social media on election day. According to The Telegraph, director of dictionary centre, Amanda Laugesen, said, "Arguably, the democracy sausage has been one of the best things to come out of a tumultuous year in politics and political campaigning. Its use was also boosted by a controversial incident where Opposition (Labor) leader Bill Shorten - who noted his sausage sandwich was 'the taste of democracy' - ate his sausage from the middle." The shortlist was nominated by editorial staff at the dictionary centre. The institution is responsible of publishing the Australian National Dictionary of words and phrases unique to the country.

Other terms that were included in the selection is "shoey," which is the act of drinking alcohol from a shoe, mostly to celebrate a sporting victory. Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo popularized this way of rejoicing. "Ausexit" which means the possible cutting of ties with the British monarchy, or the parting of Australia from the United Nations. "Deplorables" people who are very conservative or reactionary, particularly those who discard mainstream politics.  Another unusual delicious mixed of words is the "smashed avo" which is a shortcut term for the common breakfast of smashed avocado on bread or toast.