June 17, 2024 9:52 AM


New York City Wins Against Airbnb Showdown: Home-Sharing Companies Now Required To Disclose Host Names, Addresses

In an effort to regulate home rental services in the city, New York City Council has voted for a bill that would require companies to submit the names and addresses of its hosts to the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement.


Donald Trump's Paris Insults Met With Mocking Hospitality From French President

US President Donald Trump said Paris is "no longer a safe destination" to which French President Francois Hollande replies to the American President that a trip to Euro Disney could change his mind about France completely.


Trump's Travel Ban Will Gravely Hurt The US Economy

US President Donald Trump's ban against seven countries comes with hefty costs -- including America's own international superiority from travel to intellectual economies.


South Africa News: Botswana Stops Elephant-Back Ride As Tourist Activities; Abu Camp Implements ‘Respectful Forms Of Interaction

Botswana takes wildlife adventures on a higher level by continously respecting the welfare of the animals.


Australia Official Word Of The Year 2016 Is ‘Democracy Sausage’; Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘Shoey’ Loses Out

Australia doesn’t only boast of its rich natural resources, Aussies also have rich vocabulary words. You might want to take a bite of their delicious words.


Law of Mother Earth makes Bolivia Best Country in the World

Bolivia's Law of Mother Earth, is the first of law to recognize the earth as a living breathing organism with inherent rights


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