Are you fond of visiting abandoned, creepy places? Then you might want to visit some of the scariest abandoned hotels out there. These establishments may once be full of life and color, but over time as competitions keep sprouting out, their glamor slowly fades away and left to rot.

These hotels are full of history and unsaid tales, and if you're seeking for a goose-bumping thrill, then there's no better idea than to come and see these abandoned hotels. Just a bit of warning though, don't come here alone.

Hotel Belvedere, Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the 1980's this hotel was once a luxury destination favored by tourists venturing in Croatia. Located southeast on the coast of the old city of Dubrovnik, it is perfectly situated near the waters, giving anyone a stunning view. However, it was destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence on 1991, and now nothing is left except its once-majestic walls, war-torn and in utter disrepair.

Grossinger's Catskill Resort and Hotel, New York. Once the playground for the very rich, Grossinger's has stood for 71 years before it finally succumbed to the demands of increasing modernity of the US. It started as a small hotel during the early 1900's, before it grew into its highest level of majesty during the 1950's. But since Jennie Grossinger, the hotel's premier hostess died, the hotel slowly died with her. Now, you can only imagine its former luxury when you step in its dilapidated walls.

Bokor Palace, Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia.  If you want a really spooky-looking abandoned hotel with a scary history, then take your time and visit Bokor Palace in Cambodia. Upon completion of the hotel's construction in 1925, it's said that over 1,000 Cambodians died. It had a good run for a couple of years, but by the 1940's, it's clear that this resort is not gonna last. Photographers and ghost hunters alike are drawn by its eerie appearance, and if you're a brave soul then you can dare to spend the night. Watch out for ghosts, though.