The world needs to take care of its Earth and across all strong tourism industries worldwide, sustainable tourism is the world's top priority. Experts predict that 2017 will see both environmentally-aware travelers and travel concessionaires in different countries would improve their efforts in creating a sustainable market that minimizes or ultimately would not damage local tourist vacation spots.

According to CBS Chicago -- citing an interview with Green Concierge Travel owner Liz Wessel -- travelers interested in echoing the call for sustainable tourism could start "at home" by helping local tourism economies grow by "taking local tours where they hire local people." She said that injecting money into local tourism industries allows it to prosper and keep the environment -- a primary tourism set piece -- in check.

CBS Chicago also cites the study of where it found almost half of adult travelers in the world are "likely to choose travel based on destinations that reduce environmental impact" or "raise positive impact on the local community."'s survey reflects the current traveler sentiment regarding The Great Barrier Reef's sustainability in Australia where visitors are worried, according to DW. Wessel said sustainable tourism is better if one "thinks and lives" like a local than being a luxury traveler -- and to "not love [the destinations] to death."

Sustainable tourism has become a huge undertaking for Norway -- a nation that since had to contend with crowds of travelers after Disney's "Frozen" revealed Norway's villages were its inspiration. Norway's fjords and snow villages are under threat of cruise and "bulk" tourism as unruly touring crowds could cause destruction to Norway's natural tourism set piece -- which is its snowy environment.

For 2017, sustainable tourism continues to echo even for luxury industries. All-inclusive packages still have their appeal but all industry leaders agree that luxury travel is now about "precious experiences" that is not about "pampered stays" but more of "rare, precious adventures" that could be shared in social media for the years to come.