As we bid farewell to 2016, 2017 marks new travel habits, trends, and destinations that we did not explore in 2016. This year has a new variety of travel trends that will stir the desire to travel to various hot destinations for this year. This article summarizes this year's top travel trends and destinations.

According to Forbes, a trend practiced by most of the business travelers this year is the so-called "Bleisure". In this trend, most of the business travelers mix their business trip with a fun time with their families which is followed up with an extension of days. This name has a B standing for business and the rest of the word is derived from the word pleasure.

Considering that not everyone is a businessman, there is a travel trend for non-business people that involves taking advantage of the dollars and go to destinations within your travel budget limits. Sometimes it could involve traveling abroad to some local destination or within the state but the major feature of this travel trend is learning cultural traditions of the places.

As reported by Norwalk reflector, the great news is that you can travel without a travel agent. This has recently become a predominant travel trend. With recent technology and development of new applications, booking for hotels or knowing best sites to visit in the respective travel destination has been easier even without having a travel agent but above it, all be an Eco-tourist meaning a sustainable travel both to you and the host.

Practicing either of the trends you can visit Havana in Cuba and enjoy the great architect of the city or get immerse yourself in contemporary art in an art museum in Cape Town, South Africa. For enthusiast naturalists, Denver in Colorado will do and Merida in Mexico will immerse you in cultural art and Music or you can opt for anniversary celebrations in Vancouver Canada.