July 14, 2024 11:05 PM

Articles by Glory Moralidad

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    Travel And Eat Healthy At The South Pacific Islands

    Community leaders in the South Pacific islands plan to ban all Western junk food to give importance to local, organic products for consumption. The initiative is seen to combat health problems and promote the islands' agricultural lands and natural resources.

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    Ancient Continent Found Under the Indian Ocean

    A research team led by the South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand has found evidence that might result in the discovery of an ancient continent below the Indian Ocean. They found the land covered in lava and dubbed it 'Mauritia,' after discovering it under the island of Mauritius.

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    The Statue Of Liberty Was Patterned After Arab Woman

    Amidst the ire and confusion over Donald Trump's immigration ban, stood the Statue of Liberty and the lady has a story of her own. Historians say that America's famous icon of freedom and diversity is based on Arab women.

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    Homeless People To Guide Tourists In Vienna Tours

    Who knows the streets better than your local street dwellers? Vienna launched a tour program where homeless people take travelers around the city to talk about their personal experiences of living in the streets while shedding light about the facts of 'homelessness' in the Austrian capital.

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    There's A Campaign To Save Vincent Van Gogh’s Grave

    Vincent Willem van Gogh was one of the most famous Impressionist painters and influential figures in the 1800's. His death was a tragic affair and even more or on how he was buried and what his plain and mundane gravesite is faring. To show more respect to the profound artist, the village council of Auvers-sur-Oise and members of the Institut Van Gogh seeks to restore the late artist's gravesite.

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    Hawaii’s National Park Wants You To Pay For Watching Sunrise

    People used to hike freely in Hawaii's Haleakala National Park in Maui and watch the sun rises, but everything changed when authorities have set new policies which include advanced bookings and park entrance fees. That's right, watching sunrises are no longer for free.

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    Monkeying Around: Gorilla Invites You To Travel Uganda, Tinder For Orangutans and More

    The tourism industry seems to be 'monkeying around' to boost domestic and foreign visitors in their countries. We have the latest scoop in the animal kingdom and how it can help tourists appreciate both the countries' sceneries and the monkeys roaming there.

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    Spain Town Has 12 Bookstores For Less Than 200 People

    One medieval town in Spain has devoted themselves to books - reading, writing, and binding them. In fact, there are 12 bookstores for less than 200 people in Urueña, which has now become to be known as Villa del Libro, or a town of books.

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    Old Airbus Plane Turns Into A Restaurant

    Do you love in-flight food? Though some people have debated on that, one thing's for sure now is that the food on the old Airbus 320 will be delicious now that it has turned to be a restaurant at Ludhiana Punjab in India.

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    Rubbish Bottles Turn Russian Beach Into Something Beautiful

    The shores of Ussuri Bay have been covered with gleaming colors, and we know why. During the Soviet era, it has been a dumping ground for old bottles, and what was supposed to be trash turned into something beautiful and became a favorite tourist destination.

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    Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals To Be Made Out Of Old Cellphones

    Future winners of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will stop biting their medals to see if they are gold as organizers of the event announced that medals will now be made out of recycled metals from old cell phones.

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    New Belgium Restaurant Lets You Eat Underwater

    How would eating underwater be different in eating on land? Entrepreneur John Beernaerts must have taken that question to heart and opened an underwater restaurant in Belgium called The Pearl.

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    Five Travel Updates From Japan: From Cherry Blossoms to Hot Tub Theme Park

    Japan might have earned the title of being a nation of eccentricities, but it is also known as the land of awesome. From Hadaka Matsuri festivals, Japanese love of proper toilets and game shows to cuddle cafes, capsule hotels, and Okunoshima Rabbit Island. Here are five more updates from its travel sector and you'll find that most of them are pretty sweet and normal.

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    Burqa Ban Believed To Have Negative Impact On Austria’s Tourism Sector

    Austria might ban the use of burqa in public with fines amounting to €150 by authorities.

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    Solar-Powered Melbourne Trams Seen For 2018

    Melbourne is getting a step closer to fulfill its sustainable goals by investing in environmental powered systems in their trams by 2018. This is part of the city's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

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