February 24, 2024 10:22 PM

Glory Moralidad

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    Japan Draws Flake Over Freezing Fish For Sapporo Festival

    After its raucous move to freeze fish in an ice rink, this time, Japan had made it clear to continue freezing different fishes and aquatic animals as a tradition in celebrating the Sapporo Snow Festival. Animal rights activists thought that the tradition would stop after the fiasco at SpaceWorld, but the organizers of the festival pushed through amidst the clamor.

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    Discovered Radiation Clouds Threaten Air Passengers

    Scientists have discovered the existence of radiation clouds and are concerned with the safety and health risk of passengers exposed to the rays. A flight across the skies could mean twice as much exposure than that of dental radiation rays.

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    New Disney Rides Respond To Your Facial Expression

    Disneyland will be introducing a new ride that customizes and adapts itself based on emotions and facial expressions. The patented project called, "Sensing and Managing Vehicle Based on Occupant Awareness," will have the rides respond and modify the experience to what the visitor feels or wants.

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    WANTED: Absolut Vodka Sensory Expert Who Loves To Travel And Drink

    Absolut Vodka is looking for a new Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose just like Per Hermansson, their current sensory designer. The job entails sniffing, tasting and traveling around the world to find new spirits to further improve Absolut's 'existing and future product portfolio.'

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    The Corruptour: Tour Itineraries Include Visiting Hotspots Full of Corruption

    Mexico's open air-tour will shed light on the country's greatest corruption hotspots and stories. The Corruptour will not stop at famous tourists' destination like El Malecon or the Great Pyramid of Cholula, but rather in landmarks such as the monument dedicated for the students of Ayotzinapa whi disappeared in 2014 among many others.

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    Avoid These 36 Beaches In Australia; Fecal Matter Dominates The Shores

    The Environmental Protection Victoria Australia has warned residents of swimming in 36 beaches in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne as the waters and shores are contaminated with human poo. The said fecal matters have residents worrying since last month as heavy storms brought human dirt along in their favorite beach spots.

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    Five Places To Visit Before They Leave The Earth For Good

    They did say nothing lasts forever - and that includes the beautiful spots people enjoyed around the world. These famous destinations are predicted to disappear in a few years' time due to climate change and human-made destructions.

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    Canadians Travel To Die; 'Suicide Tourists' Flock To Switzerland

    Canada has enacted an assisted dying bill on July 2016, but its limitations to mature minors, mentally ill, and people with degenerative disorders only have citizens travel to Switzerland to end their lives. About 131 Canadians have signed up with Dignitas, a Swiss company that promotes the right to determine one's end of life.

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    Five Countries That Eat Insects

    While many people shudder at the thought of bugs, there are individuals, or nations rather, who relish the idea of eating insects. Humanosphere reports that insects are almost certainly going to be a bigger part of your diet in the future and are healthier, for you and the planet than many, if not most, things Americans eat.

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    Essay Writing Contest Top Prize Is $450K Worth Of Farmland

    Norma Burns knows what it's like of being a farmer and not being able to afford land. Therefore, she is sponsoring an essay writing contest to qualified couples for a chance to win Bluebird Hill Farm worth $450k in value, along with a Certificate of Title, free and clear.

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    MoMA Honors Artists From Banned Countries In NYC

    Artists are making a stand against Donald Trump's immigration ban with New York's Museum of Modern Art replacing paintings by Picasso and Matisse to honor painters hailing from the seven Muslim-majority countries listed by the law. The uneasiness of the law before implemented on Jan. 27, had left the curators to hang the paintings the night before.

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    The Little Flower Village In Poland Is Surreal

    It started in the 1800s where the inhabitants installed furnaces along with smoky chimneys in a little village of Zalipie, Poland. It was a rather ghastly sight because it blackened the walls so, consequently, the women of the town painted flowers all over the buildings to cover the smudge made by the smoke.

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    Jaro Fiesta, Celebrating The Mysterious Growing Icon of Nuestra Señora De La Candelaria

    The annual fiesta of Jaro, Iloilo City, is said to be one of the biggest religious celebrations in the Philippines as it delivers solemnity, splendor, and mystery. Other than the traditional religious ceremonies being performed, agro-industrial fairs, beauty pageants, luncheons and dinners, none can ever be more immaculate than pondering about the famous icon of the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.

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    Pancake Day 2017: Five Countries You To Visit For Pancakes

    This year's Pancake Day falls on the last day of February and just in time for Lent. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, people around the world will be "shroving" or "freeing themselves from sin" by munching down indulgent and fatty foods before Ash Wednesday.

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    Plan Your Vacation With A DNA Kit

    There is a particular company that allows you to plan your trip by finding out your ancestral origins and assists you in visiting the places you are from. DNA Unwrapped lets you take a swipe of your DNA in which you can already determine your genealogy up to 80 countries and invites you to visit these regions for yourself.

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