This year's Pancake Day falls on the last day of February and just in time for Lent. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, people around the world will be "shroving" or "freeing themselves from sin" by munching down indulgent and fatty foods before Ash Wednesday.

But why pancakes, though? According to Metro UK, Christians believe that the four ingredients in making pancakes signify the four pillars of the Christian faith. Flour represents sustenance, eggs for creation, milk for purity, while salt is for wholesomeness, said the report.

If you're traveling to any of these five countries, be sure to catch their pancakes on Pancake Day! These aren't your normal American, round, maple syrup hot cakes.

Finland. The Finnish country is celebrating their 100 years of independence, and everybody will be eating Pannukakku on Pancake Day as part of their celebration. These pancakes are baked and are prepared in squares rather than the usual round cakes. Made with the traditional ingredients, some people serve it with fresh fruits, cream, and powdered sugar.

Japan. Japan, being Japan, is known for their creativity and uniqueness when preparing food. They have a pancake that means "What you want" in English. Called as Okonomiyaki in their country, this pancake is made of flour, egg, cabbage and anything you want to place in like tuna or squid, pork or sea urchin, wasabi or octopus and the likes. Because, you know, Japan.

Denmark. Aebleskiver may not look like your traditional pancake because it's not flat. It's round but is still made with the usual ingredients. They are often dipped in jams or marmalade and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are cooked in a special round pan that gives them that shape.

Italy. Farinata is an Italian pancake is sliced like a pizza and consists of ingredients like chickpea or nuts. It's pretty crispy on the outside yet moist and creamy inside. Highly topped with herbs as well, don't you know this pancake is best served with wine?

Sweden. Raggmunk is the Swedish potato pancake that is served with meat, sausage or bacon. One can garnish it with onion leaves, lentils, celery or any leafy vegetables. From all the berries best served with Raggmunk, lingonberries, a Scandinavian fruit is the one that would complete its taste.

Can't travel? You can check the internet for alternative ingredients.