Absolut Vodka is looking for a new Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose just like Per Hermansson, their current sensory designer. The job entails sniffing, tasting and traveling around the world to find new spirits to further improve Absolut's 'existing and future product portfolio.'

Ensuring that Absolut will be the forefront of sensory trends, the chosen applicant will study the market of spirits, especially vodka in a global context. And since the hired personnel will be representing the company in media, trade shows and exhibits an amount of travel and research is necessary.

The job description says: "You can transform insights about consumer behaviors into action and business opportunities, and transform business intelligence into product evolution strategies and wet goods concepts," to give emphasis on how it would affect consumers' preferences on the product. Research and development are stressed to have given importance in branding.

According to Hermansson himself, "What I see now is that the interest for the sensory field is growing, not only in the spirits business but all over."

"When I think about sensory, I see how important it becomes today. The consumer has totally different demands today than they had ten years ago," he added. 

To be a sensory expert, Hermansson said the experience is very complicated since we use all our senses to evaluate when you eat and drink. "You look, you taste, you smell, sometimes you even listen," he said.

If people are interested in the job, one should also note that like Hermansson, they have to develop new prototypes. That means mixing a lot of flavors and alcohol to get the perfect drink.

According to the report by the Nordic Business Insider, developing a taste can take one hour or several weeks as it's all about experimenting, mixing and tasting. Hermansson does 30-40 tastings per day but never swallows alcohol while working.

The new applicant is expected to do the same thing as sniffing, tasting and traveling for vodka is deemed serious. If you wish to apply, shoot an email to billiondollarnose@headagent.se.