A certain London Brewery would hand out free beer every time it rains and if people would live tweet it pouring down for proof. Fullers Brewery wants everybody to tweet @London_Pride to get a nice pint of drink at their place.

Upon tweeting, the user will receive a personal code from the Fuller's for them to show at any of their pubs and claim their free beer. The team behind the initiative even invited London's pride Michael Fish, celebrity weatherman to spread out the good news.

Fish told the Metro UK that, "February can often be one of the dreariest months of the year, with the short days and wet weather, so a free pint of London Pride will certainly brighten up peoples' days." He continued commenting that "I am excited to be part of this campaign, I've seen some very rare atmospheric phenomena, but even in all my years as a weatherman, I've never seen it rain beer."

Probably some people will be drunk to know that storms and rain will bring in heavy pours in the month of February according to Accuweather. The site revealed that Western Europe is taking its chance for travel as the inclement weather continues to batter London.

While it might be bad news for some people, Fullers Brewery would love to see it as an opportunity for people to hang around their pub. And what about snow? Will that count too?

Ice melts to water, and a winter flurry will ravage the city due to the arctic blast. Will people still have their free beer? One can have the convenience of asking Fullers as they over 400 pubs, inns and hotels across Europe.

Meanwhile, with a significant chance of snow and rain in London this February, people will get to enjoy ounces of beer to gulp to when the weather behaves rather badly.