June 24, 2024 4:51 PM

London news

Drink Beer And Pay With Your Fingertips

Proud Camden, a London-based bar, allows customers to pay their drinks through their fingertips with a technology that captures their finger veins linked with the person's debit or credit account. Together with Sthaler and Hitachi, the team brought and developed the Fingopay system respectively, for customers to have a unique and safe way of paying for their drinks.


V&A Tackles Prejudice With Opera Art Exhibition

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will explore more about the prejudice of the opera industry as they partnered with the Royal Opera House to stage an exhibition about the art form from the late-Renaissance Italy up to present day. The initiative is considered to be the first exhibition to explore opera on a grand scale.


What To Expect At London's Free Cheese And Wine Festival

Last year, the East Village in London had organized the Chocolate Festival, and now they will be hosting London's Free Cheese and Wine Festival on the first weekend of April, displaying the finest artisan cheese and wine from over 25 retailers. Lovers of the two treats will gather in one place as the festival opens the celebration to everyone free of charge.


Skeletons At London's Train Tunnels To Be Displayed At Museum Of London Docklands

An excavation project in 2009 at the London Crossrail tunnel for the Elizabeth Line to open in 2018 had revealed 8,000 years of London history when archaeologists discovered what consists of human remains, porcelain ginger jar, and Mesolithic flint scraper among many others in the underground train tunnel. Now, 500 of the more than 10,000 discovered artifacts would be put on display at the Museum of London Docklands this Friday.


Proposal For War Office Becoming A Five-star Hotel Draws Ire And Resentment Among The Public

The Grade II War Office Building at London's Whitehall will be turned into a £1 billion five-star hotel, and the people are not pleased with the idea of the developers 'mutilating' the Edwardian edifice. The Hinduja Group and OHL Developments would like another basement, three more floors, 1,100 rooms and a couple of amenities like spa, gym, and restaurants much to the dismay of Londoners.


Every Time It Rains In London, This Brewery Would Serve Free Beer

A certain London Brewery would hand out free beer every time it rains and if people would live Tweet it pouring down for proof. Fullers Brewery just wants everybody to tweet @London_Pride to get a nice pint of drink at their place.


York’s Royal Castle To Have Shop and Information Center Underneath The Hill

The City of York Council approved the £2m plan of English Heritage to build a shop and information center under the hill of Clifford's Tower. However, there has been an outcry among the public that it should stop because it defaces the ruins.


London Bed Tax Irritates Would Be Sleepers

Bloody hell, London's bed tax sparked ire among hoteliers calling the new policy as "absolute folly." About 2,100 hotels will be affected by London mayor Sadiq Khan's initiative which could add up as much as £3.40 per night to the recent cost.


Londoners Can Check Their Bags Anywhere They Are With Luggage App

A London-based travel technology start-up decided to take up the steps in answering the needs of travelers which allows them to check in their luggage from anywhere in London. AirPortr, together with British Airways deployed the AirPortr + Bag Check-In, designed to lessen a traveler's load of carrying a heavy baggage all day long.


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