The London airport, yes. Everybody is excited to travel to exotic locations, and yet there is undoubtedly a hint of the tension in the air. There are quite a lot of issues to be anticipated in the airport that the majority people were unlucky enough to experience already.

Whether your bag is heavy or oversize, checking in your luggage is such a hassle. How to prevent these airport mistakes?

A London-based travel technology start-up decided to take up the steps in answering the needs of travelers which allows them to check in their luggage from anywhere in London. AirPortr, together with British Airways deployed the AirPortr + Bag Check-In, designed to lessen a traveler's load of carrying a heavy baggage all day long.

According to their press release, British Airways' Director of Airport Transformation, Philip Osmond, said, "We are always looking at innovative ways in which to give our customers more choice and improve their journeys. We are excited to launch this exclusive service, delivered by AirPortr, which will offer an even smoother travel experience."

Randel Darby, AirPortr CEO, said, "Our vision is to transform the way we travel and AirPortr + Bag Check-In is a game changer in international travel. It is the next step in our range of services aimed to make air travel more convenient and stress-free. We are delighted to be launching this service exclusively with British Airways in London, better connecting our city with global business and tourism."

The tech service is a key development to the Londoner's air travel experience. Passengers of British Airways taking flight from London can avoid the problem of what to do with bags if taking a late flight or early hotel check-out.

The app can also allow people to squeeze in that extra business meeting, go last minute distressing or shopping. Londoners can wave goodbye to the stress of dragging heavy luggage when taking public transport to the airport.

Technically, you can even have your luggage booked in your house.