March 3, 2024 9:50 PM

pubs in london

Drink Beer And Pay With Your Fingertips

Proud Camden, a London-based bar, allows customers to pay their drinks through their fingertips with a technology that captures their finger veins linked with the person's debit or credit account. Together with Sthaler and Hitachi, the team brought and developed the Fingopay system respectively, for customers to have a unique and safe way of paying for their drinks.


Every Time It Rains In London, This Brewery Would Serve Free Beer

A certain London Brewery would hand out free beer every time it rains and if people would live Tweet it pouring down for proof. Fullers Brewery just wants everybody to tweet @London_Pride to get a nice pint of drink at their place.


Art In London Vending Machines Introduces Culture To The Masses

Where do you usually see art other than in the galleries? The idea of having them confined in high-end, professional art spaces has let the masses feel unwelcome or left out.


World War I Ambulance Turned Into Posh Restaurant

It has a dark history and has seen so many deaths, but one World War I train ambulance was given a new mission as a restored little cozy restaurant that invites people to come inside. Built 116 years ago, the train used to bring British soldiers back to London until couple Ross and Claire Moore fixed it to add to their existing railway-themed business.


Travel Tips: The Best New Themed Bars In London You'll Love

London is known for many things: art, fashion, music and literature. Another thing the London people are known for is having a good time. Every year, this hustling and bustling city has some incredible bars and pubs popping up left and right.


Speakeasy, Mate! It’s the Best Kept Secret Bars in London

Beyond the mainstream streets and famed pubs of the Brits, London keeps a few tucked away places to binge on a few pints that at times, only a handful deserve to experience.


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