Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city, is building a residential and commercial project, called Nicolinehus, that has a beautiful "step and brick, staggered design" featuring large balconies and green plants growing by the buildings.

Real estate Bricks and designer AART Architects won the proposal of having Aarhus erecting a sustainable and modern architecture. According to The Urban Developer, the building is "shaped by the pulse of the city and united with life on the water. The ambition is to bring life and authenticity to the new harbor town and open up new perspectives on the opportunities that context gives out there where the city meets the bay."

The grounds of the structure are slated for the public as cafes, shops, and restaurants will line up once the building has been realized in 2020. The buildings will have two courtyards with the rooftops reserved for employees of commercial stores and residents of the apartments.

The architects have their inspiration from designers Karréen where they integrated the structure with terrace landscape in staggered designs giving way to what the site called as a "visionary piece of architecture." Moreover, the design of the district center is based on its very own material - bricks.

The texture of the bricks themselves will give the atmosphere and sets the tone of the center. The architects will have the public see modernity with a hint of rustic charm.

Bricks Co-owner and Director Martin Busk was thrilled to have his proposal won and believed that Nicolinehus would be the center of attention in Aarhus Island especially that it's close to the city center.

Another Bricks Co-owner, Philip Foss also shared that there will be events around the area to attract travelers and locals alike. "At the same time, we offer the future residents homes with the format. We live by - and for - the creation of beautiful frames for life," he also said.