Some people think that traveling to Denmark requires a lot of cash, but it's not always so. Copenhagen, the country's capital, is actually bursting with a lot of attractions and other fun activities that don't require you emptying your bank account.

A Copenhagen holiday can be one of the most memorable travel experiences in your life, and there is always something for anyone who steps in its beautiful Scandinavian streets. Here are some of the top attractions and activities you can enjoy in Copenhagen without spending your life savings:

Eat At Copenhagen Street Food, Paper Island. One of the best ways to really explore a new place is by trying out its food. In Copenhagen Street Food, you will be able to experience lots of local Danish cuisine for fraction of a cost you usually spend on restaurants. There are several food trucks surrounding the area, with a variety of choices from traditional Danish food or international favorites such as Mexican or Korean food.

Climb To The Top Of Copenhagen's Golden Church. If you aren't afraid of heights and craves a bird's eye view of the magnificent city of Copenhagen, then take the time of climbing 400 wooden/copper steps to the top of The Church of Our Saviour. This is best done when the city is bathing in sunlight, as you can see a clear view of the whole city as well as Øresund Bridge that connects Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmo. 

Visit The H. C. Andersen Fairy-Tale House. Hans Christian Andersen is one of the most beloved authors in the world, as he created some of the best fairy tales we enjoyed in our children. For just $8, you can get a ticket and enjoy the live fairy-tale exhibits and have the chance to get to know more about Hans Christian Andersen's life and journey in making his fairy tales. You can also visit his study and hear him talk about his life.

Visit The Rosenborg Castle. For $15 a ticket you can explore the interior of one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. 3 floors of the castle is open to visitors, and with the Dutch Renaissance Style of the whole castle, you'll get a glimpse of the luxury enjoyed by Denmark's Royal Family. The castle grounds are famous for family picnics, and the gardens are one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see in your life.