Anywhere is world-class dining. Despite the country, one or two three to five star Michelin restaurants are present and the only difference is the ingredients they use and the cuisine they serve. Based on these differences or characteristic dishes -- as a better metric -- these are the world's top five countries for world-class dining this 2017.

Nothing could topple France in its position as the world's prime destination for fine dining, amazing meals and a great gastronomic experience. Insider Monkey considers France as having the world's best dishes from pasta to desserts simply because connoisseurs -- normal people who find eating "a national hobby" -- make and give the food the characteristic it currently possesses.

For Thrillist, it just has to be the aromatic and expressive cuisines of Italy where "Grandma's Sunday sauce" is the only thing that can defeat any five-star Michelin restaurant worldwide. The origin of almost all international Western comfort food -- pizzas, lasagna, meatball pasta and cheese rolls -- Thrillist was correct to say Italy is their first on the list.

But these two European destinations are not the only ones travelers should consider for amazing tasteful pleasures. Greece and its Islands specialize in home-cooked meals further enhanced by almost every Greek establishment's dedication to use only fresh produce that mostly come from backyard plantations itself. The Greek diet is life giving as it is tasteful that even home cooking has its own world-class taste.

A country where the cleanliness of water is paralleled by the cleanliness of its food, Denmark is the home of almost every Michelin-star restaurant in the world. Yes, they include native Danish dishes but with dozens of Michelin restaurants to choose from, maybe it could be difficult to miss home.

But how can one miss the amazing and beautiful delicacies of Spain where art exists in almost every dish served in a customer of a fine dining restaurant? Paellas, the wise use of onions, tomatoes, and the use of sweetness and amazing herbs in dishes make Spain's cuisine a treat for 2017.