Manhattan in NYC has the largest population of Chinatown in the West. If you are up for some culinary adventure, then better try the Chinatown restaurants there. Here are the five best Chinatown restaurants in NYC:

Red Egg, known for its high-end dim sum and cocktail pairings, is a combination of Cantonese comfort food, according to 10 Best. This means fried wontons, pork dumplings and cold sesame jelly fish with smoked pork knuckles. While the restaurant serves main course meals, the specialty offerings is the dim sum.

Royal Seafood was previously recognized in Eater's list of 38 Essential Restaurants in fall 2014. It is well priced, which gives it a lot of advantage on some of its competition in Manhattan. Dim sum is served here all day and the only way to order is family-style. Others in the menu are snails in black bean sauce, pan-fried noodles and the salt and pepper squid.

Suitably named for their bite-sized portions of doughy goodness, Tasty Dumpling is a hole in the wall. Best to order are the fried pork and chive dumplings, which have a good meat to dumpling ratio for a minimal fee. Unlike some of the other places around, they have some tables so you don't have to be on the go always.

Spicy Village, is another hole in the wall: a narrow sliver of a space that lets in almost no light, with just half a dozen tables. Food is served in styrofoam, but that does not diminish the wonderful flavors of China's Henan province. The place is well known for hand-pulled noodles mixed with a variety of lamb or beef broth, or fish balls.

Xi'an Famous is a mini-chain, and its Manhattan-based location is in Bayard Street. The restaurant was one of the first New York restaurants to serve authentic food from the Xi'an region of China. House favorites are spicy & tingly beef and "burgers" on flatbread, although regulars say they like the hand-pulled noodles with cumin lamb. While others say that Xi'an is not authentic enough, culinary royalty and media have recognized Xi'an in New York's Chinese food scene.