To die-hard book lovers, a library is a paradise. For them, nothing beats the feeling of entering a building full of good novels and books, with the smell of paper permeating in the air.

But there are libraries all over the world that are so beautiful, even a non-book lover will appreciate their beauty. If you want to travel all over the planet in search of these magnificent buildings, here are some spectacular libraries you should visit:

George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. One of the most beautiful libraries in the US, it's hard to think that this magnificent building is inside a university. The architecture of this library is so beautifully designed that bibliophiles all over the US sometimes come all over the way here just to experience reading inside its walls. 18th to 19th-century volumes of archaeology books are mostly found here, and if you're a history buff, American history books are also stored here too.

The Royal Library of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. This library's design is a tribute to modern times, as it is designed neo-modern style, with plenty of glass and black granite. This library's construction was finished in 1999 and is an extension to the current national library of Denmark. It is called "The Black Diamond" for its striking architectural beauty, but inside, the reading spaces are inviting enough for those who wants to spend a few hours reading good books.

Marciana Library, Venice. Enduring proudly since the 1500s, this library is one of the oldest to date. Built in Renaissance-style architecture, visitors will feel like they've stepped back time while being inside its grand, artistic walls. The books, of course, are partial to any national treasure, as the works of some of the most renowned Venetian artists of all time, like Alessandro Vittoria, Titian, and Tintoretto, are stored here. With over 750,000 books in display, Marciana Library is one of the most important buildings ever built.

Liyuan Library in Beijing, China. This library may be smaller compared to other magnificent libraries in the world, but its grandeur is awe-inspiring all the same. This one-storey building is made up of twig frames, making it look like it's built by the same forest that housed it. Located in a small village outside Beijing, book lovers sometimes go here to escape the noise of the city, curl up in its timber wall and read a good novel. The whole building is made up of recyclable materials and has an advanced cooling system for a more cozy feeling.