July 12, 2024 6:30 AM


The Best Bookstores In The US Every Bookworm Must Visit

Flipping pages still offer readers a different feeling than reading from an eBook and America is not short of charming bookstores. Voracious readers who are visiting the country would surely love these bookshops.


Spain Town Has 12 Bookstores For Less Than 200 People

One medieval town in Spain has devoted themselves to books - reading, writing, and binding them. In fact, there are 12 bookstores for less than 200 people in Urueña, which has now become to be known as Villa del Libro, or a town of books.


The Best Libraries In The World For Book Lovers

Take a look at some of the most magnificent libraries in the world that will excite book lovers.


10 great beach books for Summer 2014

OK, you're probably freezing your buns off right now. But, eventually, the snow will be gone and you'll be making summer vacation plans. Maybe you'll go to the beach. Maybe you'll go to a quiet cabin in the woods. But, wherever you go, you'll want some reading material.


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