Book lovers all over the world always need to visit a bookstore whenever they go to a new city to get themselves a new paperback or just glimpse at the selection.

Visiting any bookshop is always a treat, and with the advent of technology, it may be dwindling. However, it still remains as a cool place to visit and is worthy to be on anyone's travel checklist, whether they are an avid reader on not.

According to Jerry Seinfeld, bookstores are considered as one of the few pieces of evidence that prove that people are still thinking. Here are the top bookstores in America that everyone should put on their bucket list.

City Lights

Located in San Francisco, California, in the historic North Beach, this bookstore is one of the country's best independent bookshops. It was opened by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin in 1953 and has been thriving since then.

Aside from classics and important works of international authors, people can find a wide array of collection of political works in this charming store. Visitors are advised to visit the amazing Poetry Room upstairs.

Powell's Books

Many bookshops are known for being quaint, Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon is not one of those. Known as the largest independent bookstore in the world, people can find over a million books in this establishment that spans an entire city block.

Aside from supplying book lovers with reading materials in the area and its strong online retail presence, this store is considered one of the best places to visit for hipsters.


Austin, Texas is known as a haven for bookshops. However, despite being surrounded with big brand names in the area, BookPeople is still known as the best place to go for people who are looking for good reading material. This bookstore is the largest of its kind in Texas and prides itself on having an immaculate selection of books. Additionally, it holds reading and costume contests.

The Last Bookstore

Situated in downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore draws people being of its charismatic interior design. If the marble columns that are stacked over the highest bookshelves, color-coded books, and a woolly mammoth head on its wall is not enough to make one want to visit, the "Instagrammable" half-archway made entirely out of used books will do just that.

This shop opened in 2005 and displays an interesting mix of book nerd-hipness and the classic SoCal feel.

Space Oddities

People who are visiting Chicago need to put Space Oddities on top of their list. This beautiful shop is not just for book lovers alone. There are so many things left to see in this small establishment aside from paperbacks and hardbacks. It calls itself a gallery space, bookstore, and curiosity shop. Here, people can find unique decorations, occult-like items, and amazing books.