Everyone who has read and seen the Harry Potter series surely once dreamt of the magical realm that someday they might experience it too. Now this dream is just as close to reality and everyone can experience. There is a phenomenon known as Pottermania wherein fans are eager to connect with the magical and wizardry world of Harry Potter.

Before anything else, like the movie, receiving an Official Acceptance letter from Hogwarts. The letter is a proof that you are a wizard just like in the books. Legendary Letters is an official wizard mailbox website that offers customers this magical information. The website is like a treasure chest wherein anyone who can wait and be patient will be rewarded.

Real Life Diagon Alley. Although the magical truth of Diagon Alley can't seem to be possible the real life replica of the magical shopping street is quite the same. Warner bros studio of London offers a one of a kind experience for those who crave on magical experiences. There is also the Orlando Harry Potter Park which offers many magical things and famous buildings like the Olivander wand shop and Weasley's cavern of wonders.

Catch A Train At Platform 9¾. St. Pancras International King's Cross Station is the not just a train ride going to Paris but it is also famous as it is the site of the famous magical train going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. According to The Culture Trip, the famous part of the station is the wall where in the movie wizards pass through before entering the magical train station. This area is being flocked by many people and is one of the best sights to see to really experience what its like in the movie.

Alnwick Castle. This castle is the real life Hogwarts of the world found in Northumbrian town. This castle dates back from the late 11th century and has been restored repeatedly over the years to strengthen its foundation and keep it above ground. This location is famous as its the place where "The Chamber of Secrets" once filmed. This is also the sight where Harry Potter first played Quidditch. Alnwick Castle is a must visit especially for Potterhead around the world.

The Famous Railway To Hogwarts. According to Lonely Planet, the famous railway viaduct at Glenfinnan near Loch Shiel Scotland is one of the best places to see and should be included in the itinerary of every Harry Potter fan. This amazing photogenic railway forms a unique curve just right above the River of Finnan. The Railway was only used a couple of times just for the movie. For more about the best places to experience the magical realm of Harry Potter stay tuned to Travelers Today for updates.