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Mary Ann Tennyson

Millennials & Travel Trends: Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live

Research Says, 'Traveling More Important To Millennials Than Buying House Or Paying Debts'; More Surprising Millennial Behaviors Here!

Gfk, a market research institute recently did a reserach in behalf of Airbnb which showed that travelling is the utmost priority of millennials at the moment, beating saving money for their own home or car and even paying debt.


Snake on a plane! BBC News

Snake On Plane Leads To Emergency Landing; Passengers Get Shock Of Their Lives

The passengers of Aeromexico flight 231 definitely got the shock of their lives when it was discovered that there was in fact in the cabin, an additional unexpected passenger in their midst - a snake.


American Airlines unveils a new company logo and exterior paint scheme on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft on January 17, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

American Airlines Frequent-Flyers Face Important Changes Coming In 2017

Recently, the airline company sent out an email blast to the members of its frequent-fliers program, named AAdvantage. This is with regards to the upcoming modifications that will happen to the said airline's frequent-flyer program by the time 2017 chimes in.


Tourists Enjoy The Spring Sunshine In London

According To Visa, Middle Class Families To Take Most International Holidays By 2025

If people think that the tourism industry is pretty much at its peak at the moment, with travel already in such a boom, it seems as though that things will only continue to get better. Come 2025, middle income families or those that are in the middle class will take the most number of international holidays according to global financial company, Visa.


My Year Abroad - Hong Kong: Sharp Peak Hike

Five Places Worth Hiking For When Exploring Hong Kong

If you find yourself craving to get your adrenaline going while in Hong Kong, then hiking these five places will surely be an extremely wonderful adventure.


Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Bentonville, Arkansas

Travel Tips: Looking For An Escape From Trump? Here Are Seven Of The Best Places To Travel To According To Jacada Travel

For those who are looking for a getaway, maybe not just from Donald Trump’s presidency for over four years but maybe from politics altogether, Jacada Travel in an article for the Huffington Post, listed down some places where people can run away to and get their minds off of this dire situation.


TOP 10 most beautiful islands in Europe

Five Underrated Islands You Should Definitely Check Out When Going Island Hopping In Europe

Europe is a continent blessed with so many beautiful sights and places to explore, as well as various islands you can check out. Here are five underrated European island getaways travelers should splurge on next.


Lionel Buckett's extraordinary Wollemi treehouse hotel in Australia's Blue Mountains

Travel Tips: Treehouse Hotels With Exciting And Earth-Friendly Accomodations Every Traveler Should Try!

For those on the hunt for trendy and 'in' accomodations then look no further for certain treehouse hotels are being offered for travelers. Not only are these accomodations exciting to stay in, they're incredibly earth friendly as well.


Daily Life In The Carribean

Travel Tips: How To Plan The Perfect Caribbean Holiday

Since the Caribbean is composed of a lot of beautiful islands, choosing which one to pick for a vacation could be tough. Here are some tips to help you achieve that perfect Caribbean holiday.


Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower

Royal Jordanian Ad To Muslims: 'Travel To The U.S. While You're Still Allowed To'

The airline issued out this mischievous ad via their Twitter account as a slight nod to the then Republican candidate and now President-Elect's pledge during his campaign to refrain Muslims from entering the country.


LAX Found Worst in Runway Near-Crashes

Phoenix Sky Harbor Gets Award Of 'Best Airport In The U.S.': Find Out Why!

A study made by The Points Guy, a travel website focused on rewards, showed that the best overall airport in the U.S is Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport, while New York's La Guardia, JFK and Newark are named top three worsts in the country.


Les plus belles cabines d’Air France s’envolent vers le monde entier

Air France-KLM To Launch New Airline That Combats Gulf Carriers

In order to gain back some of its customers from gulf carriers, Air France-KLM just recently unveiled its plans to make a brand new long-haul airline that's will be more competitive against its Middle Eastern contenders.


UberEATS | The Best of Your City Delivered in Minutes

Uber Update: Need To Send Food To Your Destination? Soon You Can With UberEats!

Attention, Uber users! Coming very soon is a very important update which will let you order on UberEats that will deliver food right on your doorstep the same moment you do.


Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam Project To Displace Thousands in Amazon

Amazon Street Art 2.0: Dramatic Canvas Project Sheds Light On Deforestation Of The Amazon

Street Art 2.0, an initiaitve started by Philippe Echaroux aims to showcase how much impact deforestation has on the Surui tribe living in the Amazon and collectively calls for action.


London Spire Tower

London Skyscraper Mocked For Looking Strange And Vulgar From Above

When seen from the street, Spire London which will be the tallest residential building in the entire western part of Europe, seems pretty normal for a building. However, a look at the building from the bird's eye view will definitely change your perspective.


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