Art has always been linked with expressing an individual's thoughts and emotions. It also usually has something to do communicating all sorts of ideas which we want an entire population to see.

It has become an avenue to help people voice out everything they want to say and sometime it even becomes a clever way to promote awareness to some important issues.

A lot of things have been immortalized in art through painting, sculpture as well as photographs and they can be seen from museums and art galleries; even in streets and now even in rainforests. Philippe Echaroux, a photographer who is also an artist and activist is behind Street Art 2.0, a "gentle but impactful conservation project".  

According to Naomi Leach's article for The Daily Mail, Echaroux "used the Brazilian rainforest as a dramatic canvas to convey his powerful call for environmental action." He projected faces of people who are members of the Surui tribe, an indigenous group of people who live in the Amazon rainforest which is being highly troubled by deforestation. This project was done by Echaroux  in response to the Indian chief of the tribe, Almir Surui Narayamoga's plea to have his people's problem be addressed.

Echaroux said, that the Surui tribe a a group of people who are victimized by the rampant illegal logging in the rainforest and deforestation which puts their lives and habitat in dire trouble. The tribe is also said to be "gold washers who did not hesitate to violate the Indian's territory to seize deposits of precious stone".

By doing this project and showing the faces of the Surui tribe who are undergoing a problematic situation, Echaroux aims to remind the other people who are also members of the international community that a particular environamental threat is happening to these people and practices which cause harm to nature and people are still pretty much visible. 

According to Echaroux, "When you cut a tree, it's like putting down a man," when asked about what inspired him to do such a moving project. Street Art 2.0 which was first seen in the Amazon rainforest is only the beginning for the project and the artist intends to take it worldwide and put out messages which concern the environment and call people to do some action.

from DreamWorksTV: 25 Facts About the AMAZON RAINFOREST | 25 FACTS on Go90