Samuel L. Jackson's most iconic movie role would probably go to his character in the movie "Snakes on a Plane" where he played the FBI agent Nelville Flynn. The plot of the movie revolved on how the passengers onboard the unfortunate plane managed to survive despite the looming slithery threat among them.

The movie was of course, purely fictional; however, in a strange turn of events, reality has imitated fiction. The passengers of Aeromexico flight 231 definitely got the shock of their lives when it was discovered that there was in fact in the cabin, an additional unexpected passenger in their midst - a snake.

According to a report by Fox News, "Carrier Aeromexico confirmed that a live snake was found on board a flight Sunday afternoon in a statement released to Publimetro. Flight 231, which makes the two-hour trip once a day from Torreon, Coahuila, to Mexico City was forced to make an expedited landing so animal control could come aboard to collect the reptile."

The scene was taken straight out of the movie Samuel L. Jackson once starred in. A video captured by one of the passengers was posted on Twitter that showed the reptile, which was greenish in color, squirm its way on the plane's overhead storage bin before dropping towards the cabin while it was in flight. Though it is hard to tell in the video, the snake's size was gauged to be around five feet and seems to be a venomous green viper.

Another video posted on Youtube displayed the passengers as they moved away from the reptile which was hanging from the overhead luggage compartment. Ben Mutzabaugh's reported on the USA Today that "Indalecio Medina, the passenger who posted the video to Twitter, is quoted by UPI as saying he captured the snake in a blanket and 'gave it some magazines to read.'" Medina also added that it was quite a "unique experience". The moment the snake dropped from the overhead storage bin to the seating area of the plane, the flight attendants immediately alerted the pilot and he managed to execute an emergency landing at the plane's destination, where they also handled the snake situation and examined how the snake found its way to the plane.

from BBC News: Snake on a plane! BBC News