Many people have always dreamt of going for a vacation in Europe. Why wouldn't they? I mean, Europe just has so much to offer. It is definitely a continent that is blessed with so many beautiful sights and places to explore, as well as various islands that travelers can check out.

People would normally place in their travel bucket lists good old-fashioned cities like Paris, Rome, London and Barcelona since that is what Europe is known for - having a very sophisticated, historical and highly cultural vibe. This normally translates to museums, art galleries, sometimes even actual ruins which you can see in Greece. But it almost never translates into islands: with warm sunny beaches filled with smiling locals as well as an expansive view of the sparkling turquoise sea that can be admired while lying in the sand, sipping a refreshing drink on hand. 

On the contrary, there are some pretty well-known islands which many tourists flock to; like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete in Greece, Majorca and Ibiza in Spain as well as Ischia and Capri in Italy. However, if you're looking for something such as an underrated island getaway, then this list is definitely for you. Here are five underrated but equally beautiful islands which should serve as your next getaway:

1. Gozo (for more information, go to:

For the type to like spelunking along coves and coastal caves, along with going diving and snorkeling then Gozo is the island they should explore. Gozo is known as Malta's little cousin since it only comes second largest in its archipelago. Aside from the postcard-worthy views, the place has the historical aspect covered too.

According to Stuff, "Main town Victoria throws in a handsome cathedral and castle combo, while the megalithic Ggantija temples are at least 5000 years old." There are also a number of beaches and some prominent luxury resorts too. Azure Window, an exceptional natural feature is highly recommended as a spot worth seeing. However, going here deserves the extra struggle as compared to its larger neighbor. But if the peace and quiet is something a traveler craves, then going to Gozo is most definitely worth it.

2. Mainland (

The Orkney Islands which is located in the north-eastern tip of Scotland is lesser known compared to the Western Isles which have some of the most amazing sceneries. However, that should not stop people from seeing what Orkney Islands have in store for them. The largest island in the Orkney cluster is Mainland. If you're a history nut like I am, you are going to love this place.

According to Angela Nightingale of EscapeHere, "Many of the attractions like the settlements at the Brough of Birsay show what Viking culture was like centuries ago. There are even older settlements from Neolithic times such as the famous Skara Brae. The island also contains diverse wildlife including many seabirds." Activities that can be done in the island range from seeing Highland Park, a whisky distillery or go diving in one of the world biggest natural harbours, Scapa Flow where tourists can find seven sunken German World War I ships.

3. Naxos

When people think of Greece, they usually range from the stunning views of the sea to the iconic houses of Santorini and most especially, Greek mythology. In the Aegean Sea, another spectacular island could be found aside from the already famous Santorini. Naxos is an island that is considered to be the largest in the Cyclades cluster of islands. Greek mythology buffs are going to want to visit this island because so many ancient ruins are found all over Naxos. The entrance of Portara, or commonly known as the temple of Apollo is still standing and it is a sight you'll definitely want to see. Crispi Tower, which is part of an old Venetian castle, can also be found here.

4. Formentera (

For the type of traveler who is incredibly into everything chill, then Formentera is the island they should go to next. The Balearic Islands of Spain are composed of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The other three are usually the go-to islands, people prefer to go here to stay in and vacation while Formentera is usually overlooked unless they went there for a day trip from Ibiza. There is a small amount of things to do here but if you're just looking for a proper place to lounge around by the sea with no frills whatsoever, then Formentera is the definite island of choice. 

5. Elba

Villa Dei Mulini, a luxurious house in Elba, Italy once housed a famous political personality: Napoleon. When Napoleon was banished, he was sent to Elba and to this day, the island still honors that heritage. Aside from that little piece of history, Elba also delivers picturesque views with its cove beaches (which can be accessed by going down a set of stairs from the road) as well as wine estates and olive plantations, which the island is known for. 

from Hellas Greece: Top 10 Islands in Europe