The United States Presidential elections has always been newsworthy for the past terms. Even more so when Barack Obama, the first African-American was put into the highest position of one of the world's most powerful countries and made so much history.

This year's presidential competition of course, did not disappoint. Many people, not just in the U.S but also in the entire world closely followed who would reign supreme in this year's election. Who would win between Donald Trump who hails from the Republican party and Hilary Clinton, former First Lady and now vying for president under the Democrat party.

Of course, each candidate tried to persuade voters to choose them instead of their opponent. Many platforms and promises were spoken all throughout campaign season and people eagerly watched the debates in order to get a sense of what these candidates have to offer once they finally won the much-coveted position.

Donald Trump, one of the candidates is known for his overly honest comments much more so on people of color and people who hail from other races. Some of his comments were taken not so lightly by many groups, while some choose to inject humor in it instead.

Ben Mutzabaugh of USA Today reported that "Royal Jordanian Airlines rolled out an ad on Tuesday playing off the U.S. election. The airline rolled out a list of sale fares to its U.S. destinations along with the tagline: 'Just in case he wins ... Travel to the U.S. while you're still allowed to.'"

The Royal Jordanian is an airline which operates its busiest hub in Amman, Jordan - a country found in the Middle East which is highly populated by Muslims. It is also the country's flag carrier. The airline issued out this mischievous ad via their Twitter account as a slight nod to the then Republican candidate and now President-Elect's pledge during his campaign to refrain Muslims from entering the country.

As reported by Quartz, Donald Trump was quoted saying that he wants "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." This became quite a controversial point in his campaign and has since continuously promoted a version of this all throughout election season. The ad takes one last dig to persuade Muslims to travel to the United States, "while they still can". Royal Jordanian also posted a list of fares for those who want to visit the country while flying their airline.

A roundtrip ticket from Amman to New York in the economy class will cost travelers US $917 or 650 Jordanian dinars. On the other hand, it will take US $853 to get into coach and a whopping $3,243 in the airline's business cabin known as the "Crown Class". Royal Jordanian flies to three U.S destinations: JFK in New York, O'Hare in Chicago and Detroit.

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