Halloween for the year 2016 just finished and many people took this opportunity to show off not only their creativity with their costumes, but much more so their sense of humor.

One of this year's best costumes will probably be the flaming Samsung Galaxy Note worn by a Southwest Air flight attendant. Her costume was so hot, it is no wonder her photo wearing the said costume became viral immediately.

Samsung's new flagship phone, Galaxy Note 7 made recent headlines because several units of the said phone caught fire while it was on the process of charging.

Southwest Air is no stranger to the incident of these phones catching fire since they had to deal with a similar one just recently.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, "A few weeks ago, the same airline had to evacuate passengers on a flight that was travelling from Louisville, Ky., to Baltimore, Md., after a passenger's Samsung Note 7 smartphone began to smoke during the flight. The phone's battery overheated."

Many extra precautionary measures have been implemented in light of the incident. There are even airlines which put additional fire-suppressing equipment just in case something like it happens again.  

Even the FAA imposed a travel ban on the said phone.

Daily Mail reported that, "Since the October incident, when Indiana passenger Brian Green's phone began emitting smoke inside a Southwest Airlines flight to Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky, some airlines have taken extra steps to prevent a disaster in case a passenger's device powered by a lithium ion battery catches fire during a flight."

To make the most out of the dire situation, the flight attendant even joked to some passengers that she might not be let in the airplane because of what she was wearing.

While it was clearly meant to poke fun, the costume also served as a tool to inform and remind the passengers that they have to turn in the banned phones with the safety of everyone in mind.

A photo of the flight attendant wearing the very timely costume was tweeted by Heath W. Black and has been retweeted and liked by thousands of Twitter users. 

from BBC News: Samsung permanently stops Galaxy Note 7 production - BBC News