Airports all over the world have been put through much scrutiny by its passengers, basing not only from its appearance but its overall performance is also taken into consideration. Many lists of the best and worst airports have been reported all throughout the years. However, it seems as though a list for the best and worst airports in the U.S has surfaced recently and named its top picks.

A study made by The Points Guy, a travel website which is focused on rewards, showed that the best overall airport in the U.S is Sky Harbor airport, located in Phoenix, Arizona while New York's La Guardia, JFK and Newark are named top three worsts in the country. Annabel Fenwick Elliott reported in The Daily Mail that, "Phoenix was awarded the top spot based on 'excellent flight delay and flight cancellation scores, a convenient light rail, a high number of restaurants and bars for its level of passenger traffic and free Wi-Fi," as said so in the study made by the people behind the website.

Thirty of the busiest airports were pitted against each other in order to reveal which will come up as overall best airport in the U.S. The study used data from the federal government along with other information the airports already had in order to determine which airport is the best or which was the worst. It also took into weight three main factors: timeliness, accessibility and of course, amenities.

Portland International in Oregon and San Diego International, located in California took the second and third spot for best overall airport respectively. While the aforementioned three airports were hailed as the best overall airports in the U.S., three of New York's airports on the other hand were named the worst because of the sheer amount of flight delays and cancellations as well as wait and drive time recorded in the airports.

According to the report of Martha C. White of Money, "New York's La Guardia Airport was labeled as the worst of the worst, followed by John F. Kennedy International Airport, and then Newark Liberty International Airport. (Chicago O'Hare and Detroit also showed up in the bottom five.)  La Guardia was dinged for its high number of delays and cancelations, expensive parking, and long wait times. No wonder La Guardia has been slated for a $4 billion renovation."

Here is The Points Guy's list of 10 Best U.S Airports:

1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Arizona

2. Portland International, Oregon

3. San Diego International, California

4. Salt Lake City International, Utah

5. Honolulu International, Hawaii

6. Seattle-Tacoma International, Washington

7. Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania

8. Charlotte Douglas International, North Carolina

9. Las Vegas McCarran International, Nevada

10. Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Minnesota

And, The Points Guy's list for 10 of the Worst Airports in the U.S:

1. La Guardia, New York

2. John F. Kennedy International, New York

3. Newark Liberty International, New Jersey

4. Chicago O'Hare International, Illinois

5. Detroit Metro, Michigan

6. Orlando International, Florida

7. Washington Dulles International, Virginia

8. Denver International, Colorado

9. Los Angeles International, California

10. Houston George Bush, Intercontinental

from Eric Aviation: Top 5 Best Airports in North America