American U.S elections have recently come to a surprising close, indeed. It ended with Republican candidate Donald Trump emerging victorious in vying for the U.S presidency against Hilary Clinton, who previously showed strength in the polls before the election but fell short of winning.

Ever since the start of election season, there have been pockets of people who are interested in moving someplace else and making their escape. Most common of the places that people that people want to move to is in Canada, their neighboring country. However, it seems that these few groups of people have accumulated and increased by the time the Donald was in fact, named the winner.

For those who are looking for a getaway, maybe not just from Donald Trump's presidency for over four years but maybe from politics altogether, Jacada Travel in an article for the Huffington Post, listed down some places where people can run away to and get their minds off of this dire situation.

1. Iceland- Iceland is not really that far from Europe or the United States of America; in fact, it is only 2903 miles away from Washington D.C. Usually, it even serves as a stopover amid the two. However, Iceland is pretty far-flung enough to get visitors away from whatever it is troubling them - may it be politics or the world's current state. Most of Iceland's over 330,000 population is living in its capital, Reykjavik; which means almost the other places in Iceland are beautifully untouched and undiscovered. There are plenty of activities that can be done in Iceland: like chasing the spectacular Northern Lights which usually starts at the month of November as well as driving around using super jeeps or snowmobiles to traverse the wintry highlands.

2. Botswana- If there's any place where people can go to forget, it's probably in a safari that's so cut off from the world; where they can commune with nature and become so engrossed with their surroundings. Such a place is Botswana, which is approximately 7,591 miles away from Washington D.C. Since there is typically no wi-fi connection nearby, visitors can engage themselves in activities like canoeing, hunting and watching large herds of wild animals. In the Okavango Delta of Botswana, travelers can watch all sorts of wild animals - from wild dogs and hippos to leopards and lions in their natural habitat.

3. Laos- While it's neighboring countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam that have been on the tourists' radar for quite some time, Laos is something fairly new to many travelers as a tourist destination. Laos is an incredibly low-key and slow-paced country and those who prefer a much laidback lifestyle would definitely fit in here.  Luang Prabang is by far Laos' most well-known city; it is a UNESCO-protected area found just on the banks of the Mekong River. It used to be a French colonial town, complete with stunning temples and orange-clad monks and is absolutely perfect for those who want a getaway but still want the usual facilities a city could offer. 

4. Indonesia- For those travelers who want to escape somewhere surrounded by the water or the sea then Indonesia is the place you should go to. All sorts of water activities from yachting to diving can be done in Indonesia. Also, the sea around here also has plenty of marine wildlife - from sea turtles and manta rays to the wobbegong shark. 

5. Patagonia- Patagonia is a region that is located near the southern end of South America. It is shared by two countries Argentina and Chile; also, the region makes up most of the southern part of the Andes. Aside from Patagonia being a place where tourists can go to free themselves from the confines of technology and a destination where they can loosen up, Patagonia can also indulge the travelers' fantasies of becoming an adventurous cowboy/cowgirl (or a gaucho, as they're called there) in the countryside. The region offers plains where travelers can ride a horse and go galloping across or they can go off trail and wander along. Torres del Paine National Park, which offers picturesque views of the landscape, is also found here. 

6. Namibia

Namibia is one of the countries found in the Southern part of the African continent. It features marvelous attractions such as vast dunes the same color as rust as well as a slightly craggy coastline. The country also has tribes inhabiting the place and learning about what makes their culture unique would be incredible for those who want to get a sense of culture on their travels. Despite the fact that Namibia gives off a vibe of isolation from the outside world, there are still a variety of activities visitors can do while staying here such as discovering the country's various flora and fauna while walking in a safari and going horseback riding too. In order to get a complete, no-holds barred view of the entire dessert that Namibia has, the best thing to do is to get on a light aircraft or even a hot-air balloon to see for yourself. 

7. Australian Outback- Another recommendation for those who want to go someplace surrounded by nature and wilderness is Australia, or more specifically, the Australian Outback. It is about 10, 569 miles away from Washington D.C, and this is just about a good place as any to escape to. Aside from being one with nature by exploring the sprawling wilderness, travelers can also take a drive through the landscape or hike through King's Canyon. While in Australia, visitors can also immerse themselves with Aboriginal culture and listen to the proud and vibrant history of their people aside from lounging around and watching the night sky as it blankets the wilderness of Uluru in the Australian outback. Sights and activities like this are sure to get anyone's minds out of the anxiety they are currently feeling and just take a breather from all the hassles they are currently facing.

If these places aren't far enough for you to escape to, Ronnie Charrier & Phoebe Blyth of Many Many Adventures also suggested a couple of other places you might want to check out. Whether you're only trying to escape because of stress or because of some greater reason altogether, it certainly wouldn't hurt to travel somewhere you can unwind and chill the hell out. 

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