As a transport service, Uber pretty much changed the game ever since the year it was launched. Years after and many competitions later, Uber still makes it a point to up the ante and give the best to its customers. Aside from launching other services like UberHop, UberX and Uber Rush, which aims to provide immense satisfaction to its users, Uber also has launched a service called UberEats.

Foodies might be familiar with this service, or have already tried to order food from UberEats previously. Basically, UberEats is service which delivers on-demand food from hundreds of its local partner restaurants and transports it in a very fast and efficient manner. Separately, these two services are pretty useful enough, especially for people who are always on-the-go. But what if they combined these two and added along other upgrades on the app?

Well, Uber has its users covered. For coming very soon is a very important update which will not only let people order on UberEats but will also deliver the food right to their doorstep the same moment they do including other things.

According to a report by Huffington Post, "Uber users will soon be able to order food on UberEATS en route. [...]It's part of a bundle of new features being rolled out that will change the way we use the ride-share app." It definitely gets better. The company that is behind the app also declared that also included in this update is the option to use another user of the app as your destination.

This means that an Uber driver can go directly to where the customer's friend is, if he or she uses the app too. This can be done by syncing the user's contacts with Uber, then searching for the name of their friend and having them share their location too. Other big changes to the app include a fare estimate upon punching in a destination which will help prevent the customers from getting surprised by the surge prices as well as the capability of the user to sync in their calendar in order to easily get to their destination without using another app to find the exact address.

Aside from those additional modifications it is also reported that, "the app will soon let you listen to music via Pandora, check eat-out option on Yelp or scroll through Foursquare to find your way around. The convenient new features are rolling out globally over the next few weeks."

from Uber: The New UberEATS is here