Just like every election season in the United States, much more so now that Donald Trump has been announced as a candidate for president, many Americans express their interest in not only visiting their northern neighbor but most especially in staying there permanently.

Many might speculate the reason as to why Canada ranked the highest for 2017's top travel destination. Aside from having many spots to offer tourists and having the most polite bunch of people in the planet, could it also have something to do with the fact that it is being led by Prince Eric look-alike Justin Trudeau who seems to have captivated the world too?

Actually, as reported by Forbes, Canada became Lonely Planet's top travel destination because of the low value of Canadian dollar and its excellent tourism infrastructure definitely added a great deal of allure too.

Alex Howard, Lonely Planet's Canada destination editor said in an email that, "Canada is always popular with us, but there are several things going on in 2017 that made it number one."

"First, it's the country's biggest birthday party in recent memory with the sesquicentennial next year, and they won't be shy about celebrating. Also, international travelers can expect their money to go further due to the weak Canadian dollar, so now is the time to start planning a trip."

The other countries that also landed a much coveted spot in Lonely Planet's list of 10 Best Travel Destinations for 2017 are: Columbia, which landed a close second; Finland which came in third, Dominica, an island in the Caribbean in the fourth spot, as well as Asian countries Myanmar, Oman and Mongolia.

Whether you decide that you are just visiting or if you are going to stay for good, Abigail Williams of Huffington Post suggests these 6 destinations you should totally visit in Canada:

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

2. Toronto, Ontario

3. Montréal, Québec

4. Banff National Park, Alberta

5. Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

6. Whistler, British Columbia

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