China is a vast country filled with so much culture and beautiful sights all over. While Beijing, its capital, is the place where most tourists flock to, there are still a lot to be discovered in this diverse and colorful country.

For instance, the tiny city of Yinchuan which is rapidly gaining in popularity, is being considered to be a 'Chinese oasis'.

When translated literally, Yinchuan means 'silver river'; the city, while tiny serves as a melting pot of culture and tradition which takes its cues from both the Chinese and Muslim culture.

According to Claire Bouchara of BlouinArtInfo, "What was historically a key point for commerce and culture on the Silk Route has blossomed into a rising city with 25 ethnic groups, major cultural sites, and a thriving agricultural industry thanks to the Yellow River traversing through Yinchuan."

Being a city loaded with so much appreciation for history, culture and art, Yinchuan is also having its biennale for the very first time and is curated by Bose Krishnamachari, an Indian artist-curator.

The exhibit has the theme "For an Image, Faster Than Light" and will be displayed until December 18, 2016 at Yinchuan's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Aside from checking out the aforementioned exhibit, here are top 5 of the reasons why you should visit this place immediately.

1. Various sceneries

Yinchuan has its fair share of picturesque sceneries - varying from deserts to lush green forests, this city has it too. Spanning a total area of 9,555 square kilometers, Yinchuan is pitched as the ultimate travel destination. Popular scenic spots include the  Suyukou National Forest Park, Golden Water Tourist Area and Shaku Lake which showcases the beauty of nature from displaying an impressive mountain range to blue waters and golden desert sands.

2. Great view of the great wall

The Great Wall is probably the most well known tourist spot in China. The opportunity to see the world-famous Great Wall, which is said to be also seen in space, can be also glimpsed when you're in Yinchuan because of its proximity.

3. Adventures to enjoy

Since Yinchuan has a variety of landscapes which feature all of nature's greatest assets, it also presents the opportunity to go on all sorts of adventures while you are in this city.

You can indulge your inner wild side and go on adrenaline-inducing activities such as going rafting at the Yellow River which is known to be quite chaotic sometimes, hiking and camping as well as riding over enormous sand dunes.

4. Rich history and culture

Bouchara reports just what type of cultures are blended in the city of Yinchuan. She states that these include: "Central Plains culture, Frontier Fortress culture, Silk Road culture, Islamic culture, and Xixia culture. Today, it is the home of 25 ethnic groups including the Hui, Mongolian, and Manchu."

Aside from having all of these cultures in the mix, Yinchuan also prides itself on having vast amount of architecture, much more so an abundance of pagodas; two of which are even part of the "Eight Famous Scenery of Ningxia".

There is also a great deal of Muslim mosques in Yinchuan; in fact there are 2000 of them and they are widely known for fares made out of beef as well as mutton.

If you have your sights set on China, Yinchuan is definitely one of the cities you should visit and add into your intinerary before it gets too crowded. 

from Best Places to Visit: Yinchuan (China)