Since the Caribbean is composed of a lot of beautiful islands, choosing which one to pick for a vacation could be tough. Here are some tips to help you achieve that perfect Caribbean holiday.

Diving, Snorkeling

If you're the type who prefers to go snorkeling and diving then Bonaire, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel (which is sometimes lumped in with the Caribbean because of its proximity) are the islands where you should definitely go to. These islands offer plenty of gorgeous diving spots which you and your family can enjoy. 

Nature trips

Nature lovers on the other hand, are suggested to check out Dominica and Tobago which has an abundance of nature parks, rain forests as well as various species of plants and animals. These islands will definitely help you be one with nature.


If beaches are your thing, then highly populated Turks and Caicos, bohemian-vibed Anguilla and Aruba which offers many kinds of beach experience are the islands for you. These islands have many luxury resorts and beaches a lot of tourists go to where you can finally live out all your beach fantasies in. 

Packaged trips

For those that want islands that offer all-inclusive packages from travelers who are being practical with their vacation to those who can afford to go all out, then these islands are for you: Dominican Republic, not to be confused with another Caribbean island Dominica, Jamaica, and Riviera Maya in Mexico which is found near the Caribbean. These islands will give you a great Caribbean experience whatever your budget might be ranging from very affordable steals to incredibly splurge-worthy accommodations.

Luxury stay

If you have a hefty budget and looking to spend it in the finest experiences the Caribbean could suggest, then these islands will show you a good time: St. Barts, which many celebrities also frequent, Petit St. Vincent, a private island which you'll need to reserve beforehand and Nevis, where you can treat yourself to the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous.

If you're the type who wants a little bit of peace and solitude, check out the islands of Saba, Eleuthera in the Bahamas, Vieques in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Cuba can serve as your great getaways. These places are pretty much defines laid-back, where you can certainly do some relaxing.

Ryan Ver Berkmoes for his article on Lonely Planet also gave a very detailed lowdown on each of the Caribbean islands, which are listed alphabetically. You can check this out if you're still undecided!