Travelling is essentially the act of discovering brand new places. However, it seems that people tend to travel to the same places over and over again. While there is nothing wrong with going back to the same places time and time again, sometimes where you need to go is somewhere you have never seen before.

Also, there are so many countries which most certainly deserve a lot more travelers but are yet so underrated. Look no further for Yahoo New Zealand featured a list of countries which deserve to be visited more by travelers:

1. Armenia

Aside from being known as the first country to formally adapt Christianity, Armenia also used to be synonymous to discord too. Ever since the Soviet Union disintegrated, there have been countless skirmishes in the country especially near its Karabakh border.

However, Armenia is currently as safe as can be; not to mention, as beautiful and as rustic too. Many of the churches found in Armenia are incredibly well preserved. You can also find ancient monasteries and temples as well as spas which dot this country's hills - giving you an extremely scenic view.

2. Nicaragua

If you're the type to want a beach vacation, Nicaragua is definitely a place you should take a trip to. Nicaragua is bordered by both the Pacific and the Caribbean; if that is not enough to make you pack your bags and immediately check this place out, I'm not sure what is.

If beach is not your thing, Nicaragua still has something for you. Rio San Juan, a largely rural area in Nicaragua is recently opened up as a prime eco-tourism destination. With nature parks and eco-lodges in the area, you are certainly bound to be one with nature while you're here.

3. Nepal

For adventurous travelers, Nepal is definitely one of those places included in their bucket list. It certainly isn't off the radar as well; on the contrary, it actually attracts quite a number of tourists every year because of Mount Everest, which ultimately adds to its appeal. However, because of a recent earthquake, those who visit Nepal have lessened considerably and declined in number.

Currently, Nepal is still as exhilarating as can be and people who seek adventure are being welcomed by back here. Safety shouldn't be an issue now and you are free to reach for the heavens in this thrilling country.

4. Iran

To some, Iran might be an unforgiving place - since there are some dangers left and right and there are several factors which make the country even inaccessible. However, because of a nuclear deal which made Iran accessible, travelling to this country is now easier than ever.

There are 19 UNESCO World Heritage sights you can find in Iran - from the stunning ruins of Persepolis to Isfahan, which features rose gardens and intricately painted tile facades, you will never run out of things to see in Iran.

5. Kosovo

Kosovo is a country that is not only relatively unknown to the world, it is also just became a country and proclaimed its independence in 2008. Despite having a history of war, Kosovo is not only an incredible country to travel in, it is also pretty cheap and especially benefiting for independent travelers.

Other countries which made the list are: Uzbekistan, Albania, Timor-Leste, Georgia and Tunisia.

National Geographic which created the list also features a very detailed overview of the different places and places you should definitely not miss should you decide to visit these places.

For a change in scenery, check out these unexpected places and go somewhere you've never been before.

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