June 22, 2024 12:18 AM

Ernest Hamilton

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    How to Be Smart with Money When Travelling

    The travel bug is hard to ignore. So many of us are straining at the leash to get out and explore the world, experience new cultures and enjoy the experience of being a stranger in a strange land. Adventures of this kind broaden our horizons and teach us about ourselves and the world in which we live. But it can get expensive.

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    Spend The Day Participating In Museum Tour Hops In Zurich

    The Swiss city of Zürich is filled with significant artistic and historical sights. It can seem overwhelming when planning an art history trip to Zürich, but there are many different museum-hopping tours available.

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    5 Essentials to Bring with You on a Hike

    99.9% of the time, nothing all that exciting happens on your hike. You make it to the summit and back in one piece, completely unscathed. As far as outdoor adventuring goes, an uneventful hike is actually a good thing. However, there’s always that 0.1% chance that something unexpected happens.

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    How To Travel The World Without A Budget

    When it comes to travel many of us are brought up to believe that only the rich can travel the world, but that's a common misconception. Just because you don't have hundreds of thousands in the bank to be able to hire a private jet, there are ways in which you are able to travel the world and still not need to have a particularly healthy bank balance.

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    What Happens If You're in a Car Accident in a Different State?

    Road trips are popular right now, by car, RV, and motorcycle. In the age of social distancing, there's evidence that road trips might be the preferred way to travel for quite a while.

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    Thanksgiving 2020: 5 Fun Things To Do At Home On Thanksgiving This Year

    2020 has been a rough year for all of us. We cannot do the usual things that we do because of the pandemic. Even on the Thanksgiving holiday, we need to make some adjustments to keep ourselves safe from the virus. Since traveling is restricted this year, we need to crash out outdoor Thanksgiving activities on our list and find other fun things that can be done at home.

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    5 Travel Methods and Why You Might Try Them

    Some people feel like there are only a couple of travel methods. In reality, there are all kinds of ways to get around. Humans have come up with all sorts of conveyance methods, and some of them are a lot of fun if you've never tried them before.

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    What's the Best Accommodation For My Business Trip?

    One of the biggest concerns for business travelers is where they will stay when they get to their destination. Travelers have many choices nowadays. You can stay in a traditional hotel or motel, rent an apartment or house through a home-sharing service, or stay in a corporate rental. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

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    9 Types of Glamping Accommodation for You and Your Family

    The accommodation is one of the most exciting things about glamping. Most travelers feel tired after a day of activities and fun, especially if they indulged in adventures. While some people love to rough it and do not mind sleeping on the ground, most people would love to sleep on a soft bed in a room with the essential amenities.

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    10 World's Most Expensive Cities to Live In

    If you're an extravagant person who doesn't mind spending money, you'll probably love to live in the most expensive cities. There are several cities that top the list with expensive residential estates, high-end cars, hotel suites, dining, etc. Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2020 ranked the world's most expensive cities that you can choose from.

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    4 Ways to Cut Spending to Increase Your Travel Budget

    Traveling to new places and relaxing is an essential part of life. For many, it's considered a luxury because they can't find the extra money to go. However, you can change a few habits in your life to add to your budget.

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    Back-Related Travel Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    Traveling is fun and fulfilling, but you have to remember to take the necessary precautions regarding your health and your body as you go about seeing the world. Traveling can take a toll on your back, given the amount of walking, lifting of luggage, strolling around with your camera, or even sitting down on airplanes, trains, bus rides and car rides.

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    A Guide to Gain More Instagram Followers while Globetrotting

    If you want to gain Instagram followers who genuinely want to invest in the brands, products, and services you promote, especially while you're travelling the world and can't always be on your computer, you're going to want to do two things above all else: take beautiful photographs of the places you're exploring and write interesting if not seductive posts about your adventurous experiences. Hopefully with some luck, these two steps alone will gain you more followers who wish to be globetrotting in your muddy boots.

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    How to Bypass DVD Region Code to Backup Your DVD Collection

    Although the time of DVDs has passed, most of us still keep them to serve as reminders of all the beautiful moments we experienced, like shared moments with our friends and family that we recorded and the like.

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    A Home Away From Home: 4 Major Tips to Manage Your Vacation Rental Property

    Nowadays, property owners want to up their game. Whether you own a known villa on the outskirts or a small cabin in the woods, you want your business to be heard by people across town and attract potential tourists. It may be challenging for starters. How do you manage, especially when the competition is high? These are some of the essential tips to manage your vacation rental property:

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