How to plan a honeymoon isn't exactly easy, but with our help, we can keep the stress to a minimum.  All it takes is a little attention to detail and these 6 honeymoon planning steps.

Start Early

The first and most important of your honeymoon tips is to plan ahead. Giving yourself 12 months or more ensures that you have plenty of time to work out the details and maximizes your saving opportunities. 

A solid plan means you're going to get everything you want out of your trip. Tons of notice means that you can take advantage of discounts on your plane tickets, hotels, transportation, and resort packages. 

Plan Together

Next up on your tips for honeymooners is to get on the same page. Both of you may have very different ideas of what the perfect honeymoon entails.

Before you even begin trying to choose a particular destination, grab a pen and paper and write out your priorities. Keep it general such as;

  • Relaxing on the beach

  • Seeing a bit of history

  • Hiking, wildlife encounter

This is the perfect time to set a budget. You should have allocated a rough amount during your overall wedding planning process, and now's the time to get specific. Usually, this is broken down by travel, accommodations, entertainment, and day-to-day spending money.

 Once you have all of your priorities in order you can begin searching for a destination that fulfills all your dreams. There are plenty of honeymoon destinations that have a little bit to offer for everyone, so keep an open mind.


With today's technology, it's extremely easy to find all of the information you need. Every couple's honeymoon planning checklist Must include combing through reviews. 

Regardless if you are choosing a hotel, motel, campsite, or Airbnb, you need to check out how other people enjoyed their experience. Make sure to check multiple sources, fake reviews are everywhere these days. 

Make sure to do the same thing for your accommodations, tours, restaurants you plan to visit, types of travel (cab vs Uber), and everything else that you can reasonably plan for. 

You should also look into what's more expensive to buy at home vs. abroad. Bulky items like towels can be purchased once you arrive for a low enough price but some items, like an RFID wallet, are better off bought close to home. Make a list and make a trip to the mall. 

While you're at it, one of those honeymoon ideas that is often overlooked, check out a few cell phone plans that cover your needs while you're away. Sometimes your current carrier has a reasonable package, sometimes it makes more sense to sign up for a short-term plan where you land. Either way, you'll need the ability to check maps, make calls, and post all of those pics to your Instagram.


There are unpleasant parts to this honeymoon advice. You'll have to get your passport in order. If it's expired it's a small nightmare to get re-issued. You'll also have to fuss over travel visas, travel insurance, and - depending on your destination - arrange for shots and immunizations. 

This, of course, is far less of a hassle if you've given yourself a lot of time. Getting all of this done with only a week before your departure should be avoided.

This is also a good time to make a checklist of items you'll probably forget if you leave things until the last minute. Obviously, you have to bring clothes and a good pair of sunglasses. But, did you remember the European converter for your iPhone charger? What about converting your dollars to Euros? Did you fill your prescription?

Take care of these matters early so you don't have to worry about it later on. 


Plan B

Part of planning a honeymoon involves getting all of your documents photocopied in case of loss or theft. It also involves other contingencies like getting a list of emergency contacts ready, leaving a spare key with a friend or family member so that they can check on the house, and keeping some reserve cash at hand. You should also print your flight tickets and hotel confirmation.

You should also make airport arrangements. Taking a taxi is often expensive, and leaving your car at the airport is undesirable. Since you just got married, people are in the mood to deliver favors. Ask for a ride so that you don't have to stress about making your way there. 

Get up and Go

Leave your suitcase and everything else packed and ready to go in an organized fashion so that you can pretty much get up and go the day-of. This is supposed to be the time of your life, so you're going to want to hit the ground running. Get plenty of rest the night before, stay hydrated, and make sure that you have everything you'll need to stay comfortable during your flight. 


There you have it. Your how to plan a honeymoon questions have been answered. There are a few things about planning a honeymoon that can make you feel overwhelmed if they creep up on you by surprise. But, follow our method and you'll have nothing to worry about except having to decide if you want a Pina Colada or a Mai Tai on the beach.